Today we fed an invasive python to an alligator
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  1. Jacob Feder

    Jacob FederMonth ago

    For everyone wondering this python is an invasive species meaning it is not supposed to be here in South Florida they are actually native to southeast Asia and endangered where they come from unfortunately they are eating all of our native wildlife such as alligators raccoons possums rabbits birds as well as many other species. Each python removed is saving thousands of native wildlife. I love snakes and wish there was another way but unfortunately there is an estimated 300,000 python‘s in the Everglades and by state law all Pythons Caught must be euthanized in order to Restore balance to the Everglades ecosystem.

  2. Justin _yt

    Justin _ytDay ago

    Wee no

  3. Kelly Lawrie

    Kelly Lawrie6 days ago

    @Natasha Grant I'm allowed an opinion so no.

  4. Dru Brown

    Dru Brown6 days ago

    Are they going to be ok

  5. Natasha Grant

    Natasha Grant7 days ago

    @Kelly Lawrie zip it

  6. Codyxxgamer

    Codyxxgamer9 days ago

    Its still a living animal and your ending there lives to me thats just mean

  7. TheWronG Guy8UrDinner

    TheWronG Guy8UrDinnerHour ago

    What I though was in the bin was someone’s belongings that don’t belong to you.

  8. Kratos SHit

    Kratos SHit8 hours ago

    You keep saying "invasive" phyton in every sentence like it was some kind of phyton species. we get it it's invasive lol

  9. Dr. BootySlayer69

    Dr. BootySlayer6912 hours ago

    *feeds convicted felon body parts to animals Don't worry guys this is an invasive species

  10. a.srivastava

    a.srivastava16 hours ago

    What’s the use of “handling something with respect “ and then feeding the same thing to a croc

  11. dcyril7

    dcyril716 hours ago

    I realy hate how he feeds animals innocent animals and feed it to his pets like animals are like us they are breathing freatures

  12. Peanutprohead2 ‘_’

    Peanutprohead2 ‘_’Day ago

    I think in the blue bucket there is a snake or beer bottles

  13. William Chesswas

    William ChesswasDay ago

    :{ :}

  14. •Boba-Chan•

    •Boba-Chan•2 days ago

    You look like denis ngl



    i sometimes hate you jacob

  16. syd willis

    syd willis3 days ago

    I love snakes and pythons😞

  17. Sarah Moore

    Sarah Moore3 days ago

    im haveing the worst day :

  18. Tt Tokyo

    Tt TokyoDay ago

    I’m sorry I hope it gets better

  19. Tammy Deroche

    Tammy Deroche3 days ago

    videos of you killing snakes I’m tired of it what matter what go to a mental hospital at six your brain is something wrong

  20. Boxed like Nemo

    Boxed like Nemo3 days ago



    SPY NINJA FAN3 days ago

    Fack Yuo

  22. A G

    A G5 days ago

    You goofy asf bozo

  23. kendall waltman

    kendall waltman5 days ago

    I think inside the bucket is a boa or a python if it’s correct i didn’t cheat I promise

  24. Dnp Comedy

    Dnp Comedy5 days ago

    Try feeding tiger with snake

  25. Ant member Josh

    Ant member Josh6 days ago

    Jacob: someone lived here and there is a sock Camera man: there is a knife Me: GO TO THE COPS BOI btw me big fan

  26. Noelle Eva

    Noelle Eva7 days ago

    Human remains

  27. Aidan McSherry

    Aidan McSherry8 days ago

    Still tho why would you feed them that

  28. Hana Molina Mohammad

    Hana Molina Mohammad9 days ago

    *i feel so bad for the python.. why...? It’s just trying to survive and vibe! BRUHH you just ruined a pythons day! Humans are the despicable and ‘invasive’ ones....*


    WARREN TURNER9 days ago

    I understand that Burmese Pythons are an invasive species, but regardless to that, they’re now apart of the wildlife in Florida. It’s no need in getting rid of them by killing them.

  30. Kylie Muschong

    Kylie Muschong10 days ago

    I hate snakes but that was just awful lets feed your ass to an alligator see how u like it

  31. W.C_ Edits

    W.C_ Edits10 days ago

    Ok we’re gonna handle the snake with respect and if shouldn’t bite *feeds it to an alligator*

  32. Lance Cullum

    Lance Cullum10 days ago

    It is invasive but it is sad because I own 2 pythons that aren't invasive

  33. Traydon May

    Traydon May10 days ago

    I hate u for feeding that snake to that alligator you lost a Subscribe

  34. Israel Atkinson

    Israel Atkinson10 days ago

    This man dont fear any animal he only fear god hes a king for that

  35. Haylee Hart

    Haylee Hart10 days ago

    poor python :(

  36. Xiao

    Xiao10 days ago

    "What an absolute beauty" feeds it to alligator, seems legit

  37. Lucas Neal

    Lucas Neal10 days ago

    how are you this brave to handle a WILD pythons i would book it if i saw a python

  38. Quran With Zaina

    Quran With Zaina11 days ago

    i like your videos 👍

  39. Quran With Zaina

    Quran With Zaina11 days ago


  40. Jail Watch

    Jail Watch11 days ago

    humans are invasive and this man really called these homeless people bums lmao

  41. Nicolz

    Nicolz11 days ago

    Jacob: I hope you have an amazing day! Me thinking: not after this video

  42. Keng Aroo

    Keng Aroo11 days ago

    For all the babies crying why he's feeding an animal to another animal, that's life, animals eat other animals, whether they like it or not. He even supported his point by saying that the python being fed to the aligator is an invasive species. And usually when someone repeat something multiple times, that indicates that it's important.

  43. beckers siebe

    beckers siebe11 days ago


  44. Deathrider8 Grisham

    Deathrider8 Grisham11 days ago


  45. Nehemiah Kurfessa

    Nehemiah Kurfessa11 days ago

    I feel bad for the python😢lol

  46. Payton Warman

    Payton Warman11 days ago


  47. Tristan Quemi

    Tristan Quemi12 days ago

    Bruh I don't give a crap if its evasive u shouldn't do that boi no just no

  48. JBC Parkward

    JBC Parkward12 days ago

    “If we’re lucky enough to find an “invasive” python?” Wouldn’t you be unlucky to not find an invasive python?😂

  49. Halley Bulger

    Halley Bulger12 days ago

    I had a pet python

  50. Michael James

    Michael James12 days ago

    Your a piece of shit

  51. Michael Rann

    Michael Rann12 days ago


  52. Sexy Oinks

    Sexy Oinks12 days ago

    Your mean screw u

  53. Melanie McClaferty

    Melanie McClaferty12 days ago

    Seriously take a shot every time this man said "invasive" in like the first 3 minutes of the vid

  54. Sparky_Sparkes

    Sparky_Sparkes11 days ago

    Bro I did this with water and I still have not got any clue what’s happening

  55. Alex Webster

    Alex Webster12 days ago

    I am a fan

  56. Alex Webster

    Alex Webster12 days ago

    How menny python s do you think there are where you are

  57. Rasen

    Rasen12 days ago

    did you seriously refer to that baby, as a monster gator?... what kind of floridian...

  58. -Rosed-

    -Rosed-12 days ago

    Nobody: Jacob Feder: invasive

  59. Stamog

    Stamog12 days ago

    7:25 Save yourself the troubles smh

  60. wolfiegaming0917

    wolfiegaming091713 days ago


  61. chris watrous

    chris watrous13 days ago

    That’s some monster gator

  62. Preston Williams

    Preston Williams13 days ago


  63. So close Xxx

    So close Xxx14 days ago

    Waste of my time takes the entire video just to show us this

  64. Jerrin Craver

    Jerrin Craver14 days ago

    We treat these pythons with respect dude yeets the python into the alligator's mouth

  65. Zoa Clayton

    Zoa Clayton14 days ago

    I think that one is in the bin


    JAKHIBUCKZZ14 days ago

    I hate to say it but ur a terrible person

  67. Adam Zavala

    Adam Zavala14 days ago

    I love you

  68. YoungGamer15

    YoungGamer1514 days ago

    I don’t get why are you feeding an alligator endangered species

  69. Warriorwolf 33

    Warriorwolf 3312 days ago

    It’s not endangered from where he’s from, it’s invasive

  70. COTW with keaton

    COTW with keaton14 days ago

    He just calls it an invasive python

  71. Tommy Criton

    Tommy Criton15 days ago

    Okay one could you atlest kill it first before feeding your pet like just goddamn that cruel and evil despite it being an invasive species that's also threatened of shit we are evil

  72. Dj streams

    Dj streams15 days ago

    I have been seeing alot of stuff of alligators eating pythons in the last 4 years

  73. Diego Leos

    Diego Leos15 days ago

    High demand on the market to just kill as a meal

  74. McKenna Clarke

    McKenna Clarke15 days ago


  75. Not_Cindi

    Not_Cindi15 days ago

    Although I’m a girl, I love snakes and other reptiles it makes me sad watching it get killed D:

  76. Not_Cindi

    Not_Cindi13 days ago

    @Lilly’s Life cool!

  77. Lilly’s Life

    Lilly’s Life14 days ago

    Me to

  78. Bryan Vaughn

    Bryan Vaughn16 days ago


  79. mountainsunset47 Johnson

    mountainsunset47 Johnson16 days ago

    Pay backs a bitch lol Go Gator

  80. Steve Jackson

    Steve Jackson16 days ago

    I would NEVER do this

  81. Jahmil Romero

    Jahmil Romero16 days ago


  82. Patricia Farrands

    Patricia Farrands16 days ago


  83. Tom Jerry

    Tom Jerry16 days ago

    Rest in peace pythons. Have your meal alligator.🐍🐊


    WICKED WOLF17 days ago

    Understandable the pythons shouldn't be in FL and their over populating and destroying the enviroment by eating everything.so i understand the situation.

  85. Cheryl Ellis- Zuck

    Cheryl Ellis- Zuck17 days ago

    "Absolutely amazing" "Absolutely amazing" "Absolutely amazing"

  86. xBrazyRed

    xBrazyRed17 days ago

    Wtf I’m unsubscribe he’s literally feeding my fav reptile to a fucking alligator

  87. Brian Harwood

    Brian Harwood17 days ago

    The Python is cute 🥰

  88. Blake2921

    Blake292118 days ago

    I would keep that python as a pet for the rest of its life lol

  89. Alex gaming

    Alex gaming18 days ago

    I love you white tiggr that your hugging on your pic

  90. Brayden Nawrocki

    Brayden Nawrocki18 days ago

    Why do you gotta be like that tho dude Leave the dang snakes alone idc if they are invasive that’s just messed up

  91. nuggets

    nuggets18 days ago

    Natures selection

  92. Pebbles._.thehamster

    Pebbles._.thehamster18 days ago

    Just because they are invasive does not mean they don’t have feeling:(

  93. Jack Ramsay

    Jack Ramsay12 days ago

    Not supposed to be here full stop

  94. YNG Cash

    YNG Cash14 days ago

    Well its dead now so boo hoo

  95. meme addiction

    meme addiction19 days ago

    Let me say one thing even tho the pythons are invasive its not there fault its the stupid people out there who let them go so the pythonn didnt do anything wrong it was forced into the wild by us people

  96. Pro Hello

    Pro Hello19 days ago

    how dare you abuse animals like this if you leave the crocodile 🐊 in the wild we would not be in this situation never do this again just let the croc free in the wild and you may never do this again. I will try my hardest to forgive you for this but never ever do that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  97. Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre

    Ryan RC REPTILES Fouracre19 days ago

    Handle it with respect... its beautiful. When you killed it and fed it to alligators... wtf .... fuck the florida law ... its a living thing imagine someone coming and picking your child up and killing it because there is so many kids in that area ....

  98. Blakey Is BLAKEY

    Blakey Is BLAKEY20 days ago

    Wow super giant alligator! Omg it’s soooo big! Sarcasm

  99. Wolf Blood

    Wolf Blood20 days ago

    I think it is wrong for you to go in the wild and get creatures that have done nothing to you and feed them to your alligator when you could have easily just gone and got some meet or something your a monster

  100. Keyvonia Pope

    Keyvonia Pope21 day ago

    yay sa

  101. Olivia&Livey

    Olivia&Livey21 day ago

    #Masks are not a thing anymore-

  102. Manny Balagtas

    Manny Balagtas21 day ago

    Omg, it feels so good watching your vids again after like 1 month! Oh and I am subscribed

  103. AF - 01NR 919023 Champlain Trail PS

    AF - 01NR 919023 Champlain Trail PS21 day ago

    Water might be in the bucket

  104. Mariah Baumgart

    Mariah Baumgart22 days ago

    A mom

  105. Grandson Mask on

    Grandson Mask on22 days ago

    Keep it up bro 💯 this is so goals

  106. Jenn Calestini

    Jenn Calestini23 days ago


  107. DinoRider1357

    DinoRider135723 days ago

    what the heck i mean what if somebody lived in that little house you charged in :/

  108. Zane Taylor

    Zane Taylor24 days ago

    It is cool to see how you help out the environment. Keep on taking care of the animals world and stay safe.

  109. Kate & Maggie Lucas

    Kate & Maggie Lucas24 days ago

    That is rude to get a snake and feed it to a alligator

  110. Tt Tokyo

    Tt TokyoDay ago

    There invasive it’s a law that if you catch one to kill it

  111. Vincent Wicker

    Vincent Wicker24 days ago

    There is another way u can put them all in cages and send them of to back where they came from

  112. LEE ZHI YING Moe

    LEE ZHI YING Moe24 days ago

    Won’t the snake attack you?

  113. LEE ZHI YING Moe

    LEE ZHI YING Moe24 days ago

    Sad snake

  114. LEE ZHI YING Moe

    LEE ZHI YING Moe24 days ago

    Won’t the snake attack you?

  115. Rio's Gamer World

    Rio's Gamer World25 days ago

    that python was haveing a great life taking care of there baby but you go and feed it to the gator

  116. sebas gang

    sebas gang14 days ago

    There invasive its fine

  117. Iyene Nkanga

    Iyene Nkanga14 days ago

    Awwwwwweee por python

  118. Iyene Nkanga

    Iyene Nkanga14 days ago

    That’s rigt