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  1. Nora Peralta

    Nora Peralta10 days ago

    Peleas do a zoo toar

  2. Aeriel BuenoVasquez

    Aeriel BuenoVasquez12 days ago

    you should get a little car or goat cart so you can drive to your animals

  3. DoggoThe Man

    DoggoThe Man23 days ago

    Me: I want a alligator pet but I cant

  4. Heather Dittman

    Heather Dittman23 days ago

    Anyone else see the trump flag at the back of his dads truck?

  5. Alexandra Izquierdo hijazi

    Alexandra Izquierdo hijazi28 days ago

    Get a horse

  6. Miguel gomez

    Miguel gomezMonth ago

    I love when he says let’s go let’s go to the animals like he did Bruno in this video

  7. Nelson Family

    Nelson FamilyMonth ago

    i heard from another channel that crocs are a TON OF WORK! so if you have the time yes


    HAUSofLAVELLEMonth ago

    you should convert one of the sheds outside into a feed room with fridges and freezers in. Easy life all in one place. Looking good man!

  9. superNova

    superNova2 months ago

    I honestly love your videos. But I dislike the care of your animals especially your macaws. You should learn some stuff from professional bird keepers or trainers. Those poor parrots

  10. Ana Cabrera

    Ana Cabrera2 months ago

    Dang youre grampa is rich

  11. LimitedPixel

    LimitedPixel2 months ago

    I love parrots

  12. carl MCPE gaming

    carl MCPE gaming2 months ago

    I wanna go to your zoo plz maybe 1year of 1day I can you there?

  13. Editha Hernandez

    Editha Hernandez2 months ago

    Sana oll iwant that soon

  14. Bella L

    Bella L2 months ago

    What breed is your dogs?????🤔🤔

  15. Urtiya YEAH!

    Urtiya YEAH!2 months ago

    A a ………a MACAW AWSOME

  16. Peter Giske

    Peter Giske3 months ago

    You should shift the pellets. Thats not a good brand. Altso a bit too much seeds. Love the cage! More veggie and less seeds.

  17. Hailey Drost

    Hailey Drost3 months ago

    🛑 remember to subscribe

  18. Jonathan Kerber

    Jonathan Kerber3 months ago

    U got sooo cool parents... Let's swap them pls

  19. Chompy And the Dino squad

    Chompy And the Dino squad3 months ago

    Umm Jacob in the start when you show us the cage you didn’t wear a mask out

  20. Kristyl Grable

    Kristyl Grable3 months ago

    The bird is lovely I really wanted a bird like that

  21. Kristyl Grable

    Kristyl Grable3 months ago

    The birds are lovely

  22. Ehan Baluch

    Ehan Baluch3 months ago

    I think Obama will lead Australia perfectly

  23. Ehan Baluch

    Ehan Baluch3 months ago


  24. Jancarlo Navarro

    Jancarlo Navarro3 months ago

    How much time did you spend learning about animals


    VII11-12 DEBASISH ROUT3 months ago

    *1 quintillion years*

  26. Jaishankar Sharma

    Jaishankar Sharma3 months ago

    You shud make one of the huts into an emergency concreted hut for the animals in case of a hurricane

  27. Luke Colone

    Luke Colone3 months ago

    The new Steve Irwin is now soon gonna be Jacob Feder 👇🏼hit that so he can see

  28. The 3 Figueroas

    The 3 Figueroas3 months ago

    I want

  29. Jolin Enseroth

    Jolin Enseroth3 months ago

    Woooo 5000 Likes

  30. Michel-Lee Jagat

    Michel-Lee Jagat3 months ago

    To think that tiny lock is secuering that big page

  31. Justin Hernandez

    Justin Hernandez3 months ago

    I’m sad bc my bugdies flu away

  32. Kuikui013 Le

    Kuikui013 Le3 months ago

    :-P 👇 👇 Plsss

  33. OliverClausaufGaming

    OliverClausaufGaming3 months ago

    Where is the zoo if you let me know I will like and subscribe. 😎

  34. Clint Hillman

    Clint Hillman3 months ago

    You're an inspiration

  35. KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-

    KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-3 months ago

    What do these people do for a having such a big house?!

  36. Kyle Padilla

    Kyle Padilla3 months ago

    i thought the squash was bananas XD

  37. Satchel Out

    Satchel Out3 months ago

    ur mom is sexy

  38. Tina Smith

    Tina Smith3 months ago

    My Birthday is in 2more days Jacob.

  39. Leanne Hughes

    Leanne Hughes3 months ago

    Well done Tim

  40. Hailee Winberg

    Hailee Winberg3 months ago

    Ummm am I the only one who noticed how Jacob does no work

  41. Dylan Gursky

    Dylan Gursky3 months ago

    Anybody else got scared when he tried to feed the macaw by hand, with his two fingers

  42. KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-

    KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-3 months ago


  43. KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-

    KIRKS Corner -FLETCH-3 months ago


  44. The RuggedDuck

    The RuggedDuck3 months ago

    So the title should of been moved my macaws


    GRESHAM FAM3 months ago

    If you handled your macaw it would be way less stressful in a crate than on a trailer.

  46. riaaz paruk

    riaaz paruk3 months ago

    What zoo

  47. Sonny Ashbee

    Sonny Ashbee3 months ago

    Peanuts are very bad for parrots just saying

  48. Kory Mutters

    Kory Mutters3 months ago

    I love your videos I watch them every night when I was in the hospital and now to see your zoo is amazing. Krystal

  49. Ercfun

    Ercfun3 months ago


  50. Ercfun

    Ercfun3 months ago

    I think that is a good yeah for the guestroom so they can see animals

  51. Journey Slaven

    Journey Slaven3 months ago

    Can u do a tour of your house

  52. Thungan Tran

    Thungan Tran3 months ago

    Wot is dat red deni in the food ❤️😘

  53. Meagan

    Meagan3 months ago

    I wanna visit your home😥

  54. Renee Schuck

    Renee Schuck3 months ago


  55. Raegan Cox

    Raegan Cox3 months ago

    Your macaw is sooo cute🤗

  56. Pheonix Morgan

    Pheonix Morgan3 months ago

    Jo you got to go now

  57. Angel Donn

    Angel Donn3 months ago

    The macaw is definitely stressed out !

  58. Chris Torres

    Chris Torres3 months ago

    You need to show more of the animal. Not the process

  59. Tina Soper

    Tina Soper3 months ago

    Who's favorite animal is a dog

  60. Tina Soper

    Tina Soper3 months ago

    The parrots so beautiful😘😍🐦

  61. Tina Soper

    Tina Soper3 months ago

    Hill can't stop putting comments

  62. Tina Soper

    Tina Soper3 months ago

    You should name the parrots cats Psy and Rainbow

  63. Emma Ebelt

    Emma Ebelt3 months ago

    you should watch watch what to feed a parrot

  64. Zaki Toto

    Zaki Toto3 months ago

    Why hasn’t he got 1mil yet

  65. blimzy on controller

    blimzy on controller3 months ago


  66. AXEL playz

    AXEL playz3 months ago

    Macaws are my favorite animal in the world i wish i have one macow😌

  67. XxGamerWolf121xX 22

    XxGamerWolf121xX 223 months ago

    Biden 2020🇺🇸


    FELICITAS BAGUION3 months ago

    Pijet name

  69. Monica W

    Monica W3 months ago

    Looks like your zoo is coming along nicely! So cool to see such a well educated young man living his dreams! Way to Jacob👏👏👏

  70. Josiah white

    Josiah white3 months ago

    I love your channel

  71. Josiah white

    Josiah white3 months ago

    lest goo

  72. Josiah white

    Josiah white3 months ago

    your almost to 1M

  73. jessie chuang

    jessie chuang3 months ago


  74. Wendy Davila

    Wendy Davila3 months ago

    Ya I guess

  75. Courtney Agee

    Courtney Agee3 months ago

    Do you hsve squirrels my favourite animal is squirrels

  76. Katherine Dalton CA 2027

    Katherine Dalton CA 20273 months ago

    You shouldn’t feed your macaw mostly seed. It contains lots of fat and can make your bird obese. Also, teach your bird new tricks!, and bond with him, don’t just leave him in the cadge. No hate,love your channel

  77. julian sweeney

    julian sweeney3 months ago

    Who is watching this in lockdown???

  78. Fishy Army rules

    Fishy Army rules3 months ago

    Imagine driving and seeing a huge cage in the back of a truck with a parrot in it Wow

  79. Luke Kruger

    Luke Kruger3 months ago

    You should feed more chop and only feed seeds as a treat

  80. Marcus Silverio

    Marcus Silverio3 months ago

    7:13 - Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of OSHA violations 😂

  81. Hunter Plays

    Hunter Plays3 months ago

    You are so cool and nice so yeah and TRUMP 2020

  82. PokèNinja

    PokèNinja3 months ago

    Everyone please subscribe our favorite USloftr almost hit 1M subs what are you waiting for press sub

  83. Pøtatø bęanz

    Pøtatø bęanz3 months ago

    What do you recommend for budgies as in there diet and how large there cage space needs to be?

  84. freddy bloggs

    freddy bloggs3 months ago

    he really should've taken the bird out of the cage when moving it so the bird doesn't get stressed

  85. Aniayah Johnson

    Aniayah Johnson3 months ago

    Go Tim!!🏋️

  86. Kenya Jimenez

    Kenya Jimenez3 months ago

    You should feed them more veggies and smaller diced with more variety And the metal on the bar can be bad for them along with the bar spacing because they could fit there and they could end up snapping there neck Good luck on the rest of your Zoo though 😁

  87. Kumiko Prentiss

    Kumiko Prentiss3 months ago

    My dog has been throwing up and today I went to the vet and he said my dog very very very sick and my and they said they my dog is to sick they can’t do anything and my dog got two shots so she will feel a little better but if sh can’t feel better then they have to kill my dog I cried is the car on the way home😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  88. Sari Richars

    Sari Richars3 months ago

    Do you like biden ro trump

  89. Ethan Mushyakov

    Ethan Mushyakov3 months ago

    My favorite parents and how much do you get and how much were they and wait a second are those fake Lego Justice League green screen

  90. weird stuff

    weird stuff3 months ago


  91. Kyle Bicker

    Kyle Bicker3 months ago

    My teacher asked us our fav animal today and I said "Rufus"

  92. DancingFire 3

    DancingFire 33 months ago


  93. Rocco & Grayson Show

    Rocco & Grayson Show3 months ago

    can people come an visit

  94. The Commentor

    The Commentor3 months ago

    Don't feed them any seeds!!! (as part of their diet)

  95. The Commentor

    The Commentor3 months ago

    The thing is, you should feed seeds only as treats


    GRESHAM FAM3 months ago

    Seeds are actually an important part of there diet. The most important foods for them are pellets fruits and veggies, but they have to be provided with seeds as well for fat.

  97. Sadiyah Cijntje

    Sadiyah Cijntje3 months ago

    Of topic but the bowls are so pretty

  98. aude de lilaland

    aude de lilaland3 months ago

    Did you move the cage with the parrot inside?!?!?? you’re crazy boy they must be so scared 🤯🤯


    JEFF LAU HUI ZHE Moe3 months ago

    Because it is 8:24PM


    JEFF LAU HUI ZHE Moe3 months ago

    I’m in my PJ


    JEFF LAU HUI ZHE Moe3 months ago

    Hi Jacob

  102. Jose Mejia

    Jose Mejia3 months ago

    Anyone who actually knows how to take care of macaws like myself who has 2. A Catalina macaw and a red dominant Camelot macaw Knows that, that bird mix you call “A nutritious diet” is literally all garbage!!! you can’t just feed your macaw a mixed diet like that. That seed mix is literally 90% sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds contain so much fat! I spent literally 2 years researching how to properly take care of a macaw! You clearly did absolutely no research on how to take care of a macaw. Listen I am a big fan of your channel but what you’re doing right now is wrong. Please please please do your research before purchasing a macaw! Give that macaw the proper diet that it needs!!!!!!!!

  103. Jose Mejia

    Jose Mejia3 months ago

    @Jacob Feder Hello Jacob I want you to understand that I am a big fan but I have been around birds every since I was a little kid. And I was always told that the fat in their diet is only used as a reward/treat for the bird. The reason for that is because if you give them that fat food all the time the value of that treat has gone down since they get it as a food base. Therefore making it harder to train the bird . I was also told that it’s best if you don’t mix your veggies and your fruit mix but it’s okay from time to time. Another way you can help keep your Macaws healthy is by keeping track of their weight daily. I just want you to do a little more research on macaws before you even think about getting more! Thank you

  104. Jacob Feder

    Jacob Feder3 months ago

    The macaws need that fat certain times of the year . The “seed mix” is only used for part of the year. The main diet is the natural pellets which is full of vital nutrition as well as beta rich keratin vegetables with the occasional fruit added in

  105. Felix Ho

    Felix Ho3 months ago

    You should get a golf cart so it’s easier to get around the zoo

  106. Dhanalakshmi Chiluveru

    Dhanalakshmi Chiluveru3 months ago

    i saved a tortoise it was so cute :3

  107. Matty Dyson

    Matty Dyson3 months ago

    The only thing I hate are the people that tell you what “THEY” think you are doing wrong...never see that on Paul Caffarro or Blake or fanatic page and those 3 are freakin hopeless and you have worked in an actual zoo most of your life and now have your own....people suck rude are some humans...honestly jacob knows what he is doing and will be on USloft or have his own show on travel channel in no time....those other children with farm animals won’t ever be as great as this dude!

  108. Silvia Garcia

    Silvia Garcia3 months ago

    Jacob does everything correctly and perfectly.

  109. John Manvi Manalang

    John Manvi Manalang3 months ago

    Wow its a gold and blue macaw those are one of my dream parrot