Today we fed all my exotic animals

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  1. Larry darby

    Larry darby6 hours ago

    Can macaw talk

  2. StarCode_Wolver

    StarCode_Wolver8 hours ago

    R.I.P White Rat :(((((

  3. Jake Guzman

    Jake Guzman22 hours ago


  4. Vijaya Lakshmi

    Vijaya LakshmiDay ago

    Pet Purana

  5. manthansinh Jadeja

    manthansinh JadejaDay ago

    I like the red foot tortoise i want one

  6. kaitlin bollard

    kaitlin bollardDay ago

    Lucas Bella can you vote me please

  7. Bradley Dave Suroso

    Bradley Dave Suroso2 days ago

    Do you sell them from your enclosure or other turtles

  8. Linze Zhao

    Linze Zhao2 days ago

    the rufus meal looks to good that i'll it.

  9. Laura Cantos

    Laura Cantos2 days ago

    Your macaws🦜 are not happy, they need larger enclosures, toys and environmental enrichment and attention or company of another bird

  10. Laura Cantos

    Laura CantosDay ago

    @SadBob ah okay

  11. SadBob

    SadBobDay ago

    Its temporary!!! 😒

  12. Sabrina Norris

    Sabrina Norris3 days ago

    On where you got that emu you should name it. Female, ivy, male, bones

  13. Liam O'Neil

    Liam O'Neil3 days ago

    I wish I could meet you face to face

  14. April Saephan

    April Saephan3 days ago

    what was your first animal u had first

  15. Tammy Deroche

    Tammy Deroche3 days ago

    For once You are not killing python

  16. Kinsleigh fitzgerald

    Kinsleigh fitzgerald3 days ago

    Me:*reaches in the screen and steals all the cherry head tortoise* Jacob: oh no! Where are my cherry head tortoises? Me:it was definitely not me

  17. Hanna Shane M. Prudente

    Hanna Shane M. Prudente4 days ago


  18. Khunly Lao

    Khunly Lao4 days ago

    The animal says: yes yas yeet the food

  19. Khunly Lao

    Khunly Lao4 days ago


  20. Romani Shane David

    Romani Shane David4 days ago


  21. Romani Shane David

    Romani Shane David4 days ago

    Me but in Tortola

  22. Alexander Grimshaw

    Alexander Grimshaw7 days ago


  23. Moon Cake

    Moon Cake7 days ago

    I and sorry if this is a hate comment but don't you think that you shouldn't catch animals from the wild?

  24. Fanny Macedo

    Fanny Macedo7 days ago


  25. Simply.Cloudy

    Simply.Cloudy7 days ago


  26. Phuong Hoang

    Phuong Hoang8 days ago


  27. Phuong Hoang

    Phuong Hoang8 days ago

    Bee🤩😍😁🤩😆😄 was the morning time to get you all you would have the time of life we could be the same person we could be the one who had to come back to our 🥳❤️❤️❤️❤️tgbhd morning a day of the day you had the opportunity to do it you could have been better and I cannot is the time I got to I love 💗 was your birthday and the night before you went through the whole time and it was really good and I really hope to see you soon I will see you in the day when I’m in a good way mood and then I have a little bit more time and I will see how much I love you 💕 is my day to come home and I love to get together with you I miss you 😘 I have some of my best days and I’m not sure if I’m just about that I don’t want anything to go with and if I have something bad I want it I will be happy 😊 I am not the best friend ever so please tell me what you’re going on I love you and I cannot I like the way it has a good life but I’m just not sure what you think 🤔 I am going through the day of my birthday 🎁

  28. Wolf-Lexi-Lightstar Rose Nellie Lisa

    Wolf-Lexi-Lightstar Rose Nellie Lisa8 days ago


  29. raze

    raze8 days ago

    love your videos

  30. raze

    raze8 days ago


  31. Hala Masri

    Hala Masri9 days ago

    Your mean to mice that not cool man

  32. Jeffrey Miller

    Jeffrey Miller9 days ago

    The worst part of the vid is seeing the snakes eat the mouses I love mice🥺

  33. Thomas Chief

    Thomas Chief10 days ago

    The birds need more space and things to play with including more branches with leaves and things

  34. Thomas Chief

    Thomas Chief10 days ago

    So does almost everything

  35. sidney lomboy

    sidney lomboy10 days ago

    i recommend more toys and a bigger cage for your macaw and if your macaw bites you tell them no and give them a nut for a treat if they dont bite you

  36. Allaura Elliott

    Allaura Elliott10 days ago

    Does anyone know where i would find out if tortious are legal in Maine

  37. Axel playz

    Axel playz10 days ago

    OMG!!! I love parrots😍😍

  38. Frxsty Hehe

    Frxsty Hehe11 days ago

    You were so rude poor little rats

  39. Sayra Edwards

    Sayra Edwards11 days ago

    I really like your videos and I got a question would you ever get a pet horse 🐎🐎🐎🐴🐎

  40. Izzy Pennington

    Izzy Pennington11 days ago

    Also can you name a snake Ron

  41. Izzy Pennington

    Izzy Pennington11 days ago

    Whoever disliked is a dummie

  42. bittersweetrainbows

    bittersweetrainbows12 days ago

    Some people leave so much unnecessary footage in a so far it seems like things are great

  43. Yeimy Hernandez

    Yeimy Hernandez12 days ago

    Bruh the future Jump scare 7:44

  44. Chris Dolinish

    Chris Dolinish13 days ago

    The way you keep your animals is just sad. Birds and lizards in tiny cages with nothing to do, 5 juvenile Burmese star tortoises in a tiny bin with no room to walk. Tiny outdoor tortoise enclosures, only feeding romaine lettuce and bell peppers which is a no feed for any tortoise because pepper are acidic. The people that follow you and think you are a good keeper is even more sad that you're teaching horrible husbandry but I guess being friends with PC that's all you really care about is buying new animals to get your numbers inflated.

  45. Antalya Metal Kid

    Antalya Metal Kid13 days ago

    This is one of the coolest exotic animal collection

  46. Amalie Lormand

    Amalie Lormand13 days ago

    why is a Turtle n de Iguana cage

  47. Carlos Eduardo

    Carlos Eduardo14 days ago

    Can I have a turtle because I don’t have money and my mom doesn’t let me get a turtle and

  48. Jack Seigler

    Jack Seigler14 days ago

    please i mean PLEASE dont clip your bird

  49. denise mheghan gaton

    denise mheghan gaton17 days ago

    I have rats as pets and 5 totoise

  50. SCP- 939

    SCP- 93917 days ago

    sold out sold out sold out sold out sold out sold out 😭

  51. owen hurley

    owen hurley17 days ago

    I wanna meat ur lemur

  52. Hajar Tlais

    Hajar Tlais18 days ago

    Can I have one baby

  53. Acting Clips

    Acting Clips18 days ago

    I love it when he said these ripe bananas and you could see that they were not ripe

  54. Hanz Vlogs

    Hanz Vlogs18 days ago

    I want that turtle to

  55. Renie Salas

    Renie Salas18 days ago

    Wait is Galapagos turle is Critical y endangered?

  56. Aqua A1DMX

    Aqua A1DMX18 days ago

    When one of the snakes had the mouse when it bounced I got so scared

  57. Bella Downs

    Bella Downs18 days ago

    Well I still love ur channel lol

  58. Bella Downs

    Bella Downs18 days ago

    He says rufas is back in his enclosure but you look behind him and he is right behind him. XD

  59. Bella Downs

    Bella Downs18 days ago

    Anyone with me? Poor rats...

  60. Kerry Darvill

    Kerry Darvill18 days ago

    So all of thwm

  61. Captain Ruin

    Captain Ruin19 days ago

    What's your job it looks fun and grate

  62. Luzandi Potgieter

    Luzandi Potgieter19 days ago

    Kan ek een kry

  63. Ryu Channel

    Ryu Channel20 days ago

    Lol that is aldabra tortoise not Galapagos tortoise😂😂😂

  64. Lil Tay

    Lil Tay20 days ago

    Freshly ripe bananas mr you mean freshly old bananas

  65. Beverly Austran

    Beverly Austran21 day ago

    Can u give me free pet in here in Philippines please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇵🇭🇵🇭

  66. Hi Ya

    Hi Ya21 day ago

    me too

  67. Milan Lassus

    Milan Lassus21 day ago

    noooooooo not mickey mouse

  68. Adnan Ad

    Adnan Ad21 day ago

    I wanna have have a lemur

  69. The animal Dude

    The animal Dude22 days ago

    I clipped yur makaw wings do not

  70. Vash Achilles Bacit

    Vash Achilles Bacit22 days ago


  71. ArtInstalation q

    ArtInstalation q23 days ago

    I wanna be like him one day, just have exotic animals

  72. What MoreCanIsay

    What MoreCanIsay16 days ago

    @Amaya Miles I don’t but I don’t know there life so let’s not judge

  73. Amaya Miles

    Amaya Miles17 days ago

    You really shouldn’t have exotic animals

  74. What MoreCanIsay

    What MoreCanIsay21 day ago

    I bet you will if you put your mind to it just remember to research!

  75. Lizard Wizard

    Lizard Wizard23 days ago

    Try giving the macaw more toys and enrichment!

  76. Rodrigo Alvear

    Rodrigo Alvear23 days ago

    Eww rat

  77. Librada Correa

    Librada Correa24 days ago

    2:46 perfectly cut scream.

  78. ashley jones

    ashley jones24 days ago

    jacob your the best ima need some advice

  79. Jo DF

    Jo DF24 days ago

    Those enclosures seem a bit small for a lot of the animals

  80. Bassing Basics

    Bassing Basics24 days ago

    Those macaws need a cage at least three times that size

  81. RobloxStars

    RobloxStars24 days ago

    I have afrykan land snails

  82. Mariangel Simosa

    Mariangel Simosa25 days ago

    I love your turtles so much.

  83. aymenyasser Yasseraymen

    aymenyasser Yasseraymen25 days ago

    I have a snake it is called venom

  84. Moby King

    Moby King26 days ago

    So dope, someone with Australian turtles

  85. Monique Blanchet

    Monique Blanchet26 days ago

    Please get your parrots some toys and more perches! They may be unhappy because they’re not stimulated enough.

  86. cassie friedman

    cassie friedman26 days ago

    I know that's how snakes but as someone who has had rats and love rats that hard for me to see

  87. cassie friedman

    cassie friedman26 days ago

    Thank you hon I love learning about anmails

  88. Minotaur __

    Minotaur __26 days ago

    Dude has a zoo

  89. Ismail Toprakci

    Ismail Toprakci26 days ago

    1 question. I saw you with a gibbon. Now with a lemur. Lemurs id critically endgared. Gibbons is illegal to have a pets in Thailand. So my question is. How could you get the animals? With buying them from hunters who killed rheir parents maybe?

  90. John Paul Amurao

    John Paul Amurao27 days ago


  91. Jennifer Carmen

    Jennifer Carmen27 days ago


  92. Janet Omandam

    Janet Omandam27 days ago

    Those poor mice i love mice pls dont laught but i love mice like hamster,iguanas,parrot,and mice 😢😢

  93. Aldrich Joaquin Basa

    Aldrich Joaquin Basa28 days ago

    yeah very impressived

  94. Gamerdude Leon

    Gamerdude Leon28 days ago


  95. James&Caroline Huffam

    James&Caroline Huffam28 days ago

    My name is Jacob to

  96. Jessica Stephanie Kristanto SD 2A Karangturi

    Jessica Stephanie Kristanto SD 2A Karangturi29 days ago

    hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster hamster

  97. Aidan _aimbot

    Aidan _aimbot29 days ago

    Can I please work for you I’m 13 and I love animals and I wanna just do what you do and have all of the animals you have

  98. Linda Byatt

    Linda Byatt29 days ago

    You are one of the best youtober (sorry is I mess spell eneything I cant spell) and give you makas toys thay need them so thay dont pluck and to keed there beake not to long but not to shourt ok but you ar a fun youtober to watch

  99. Junel Fonte

    Junel Fonte29 days ago

    Poor rat rip :(

  100. lindseywilson3

    lindseywilson329 days ago

    What is your website name?

  101. D E

    D EMonth ago

    How tf u got a lemur ? Those are protected

  102. Dylan Wilson

    Dylan WilsonMonth ago

    Dude ur husbandry is so bad, Jesus!

  103. Pranav Tagalpallewar

    Pranav TagalpallewarMonth ago

    Love from India ❤️🇮🇳❤️🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️🇮🇳❤️

  104. Toufik Hasan

    Toufik HasanMonth ago


  105. ana gonzalez

    ana gonzalezMonth ago


  106. ana gonzalez

    ana gonzalezMonth ago


  107. Kenna Graham

    Kenna GrahamMonth ago

    I have 2 red tail boas

  108. Hani Wakanda

    Hani WakandaMonth ago

    Konten anjing lahiran dong.