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  1. Emely Mende

    Emely Mende10 hours ago

    it a boy

  2. danny campos

    danny campos11 hours ago


  3. DethMax Killer

    DethMax Killer15 hours ago

    On the picture it looks like you are peeing. It was right next to you

  4. Dawn Reyes

    Dawn Reyes21 hour ago

    Is no one going to talk about the hyena penis in the thumbnail???

  5. the weird ONES

    the weird ONES21 hour ago

    No one is talking about some just force a turtel to eat her child

  6. GalaxyAU

    GalaxyAUDay ago

    Can we just say how big that hyena pp is compared to us

  7. R.D.G Playzz

    R.D.G PlayzzDay ago

    If he says it’s a female ima be mad cuz the hyena got a SHLONG 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  8. Fiona Tapi

    Fiona Tapi2 days ago

    Idk why this happened Me and my blanket: The blanket: __/\__

  9. Ghouly

    Ghouly2 days ago

    the turtles are canebles

  10. kuroaki;

    kuroaki;2 days ago

    I didnt even notice the thumbnail until ppl pointed it out. Why yall looking there 😭.

  11. Christina Witten

    Christina Witten2 days ago

    Actually, its a girl...definitely

  12. Christina Witten

    Christina Witten2 days ago

    I think its a boy

  13. Christina Witten

    Christina Witten2 days ago

    SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM IN LOVE!!!!

  14. A

    A2 days ago

    I go to Myrtle Beach

  15. Solomon Lett

    Solomon Lett3 days ago

    Yo cool 🍆

  16. Nabzy Man

    Nabzy Man3 days ago


  17. Oneway Drizzy

    Oneway Drizzy3 days ago

    That hyena got a long ding dong

  18. Rakesh Gaddala

    Rakesh Gaddala3 days ago

    Experiments 👍👍👍

  19. Simon Stars

    Simon Stars4 days ago

    2219 komentarz

  20. bray2xツ

    bray2xツ4 days ago

    Thumbnail 🍤

  21. Austin Fuchs

    Austin Fuchs4 days ago

    How many eggs can them lay


    YD.REALHILL5 days ago

    thumbnail: you know you see this

  23. Le-oreojuicybuttcrack

    Le-oreojuicybuttcrack5 days ago

    Im sorry but a hyena isnt supose to swim bro seing you doing thoses type of things is why i dont like you

  24. Jacob Feder

    Jacob Feder3 days ago

    They will hunt in the water in the wild... have you seen the pictures & videos ?!

  25. Virginia OBrien

    Virginia OBrien5 days ago


  26. Neckashi 69

    Neckashi 696 days ago

    Roofus was beating the shit out of him in the beginning 😂💀💀😂😂😂

  27. Horse

    Horse6 days ago

    The Thumbnail Me: *Where does the Baby come from*

  28. ArtInstalation q

    ArtInstalation q7 days ago

    I wanna live in a zoo and help a lot of endangered animald

  29. WSJB

    WSJB8 days ago


  30. WSJB

    WSJB8 days ago


  31. WSJB

    WSJB8 days ago


  32. WSJB

    WSJB8 days ago


  33. WSJB

    WSJB8 days ago


  34. Officer 69

    Officer 698 days ago

    Is this fresh water? Dont think pool water is good for the animals

  35. Jacob Feder

    Jacob Feder3 days ago

    No chlorine !

  36. WOO i DROO

    WOO i DROO8 days ago

    *Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr Monke in da waterr*

  37. Intelligent Counterspell

    Intelligent Counterspell8 days ago

    o wait heres mine 🍆

  38. Intelligent Counterspell

    Intelligent Counterspell8 days ago

    so i was going to write a comment on the dong in the thumbnail but it looks like u all got it covered

  39. Marquis Thomas

    Marquis Thomas8 days ago

    The thumbnail made me click on the video and head straight to the comments

  40. Om gaming

    Om gaming8 days ago


  41. Shaneys Belen

    Shaneys Belen8 days ago

    Jajajaja roofy!jajajaja you are talking and he is preying with your face jajajaa

  42. GachaFlips_LPS oop

    GachaFlips_LPS oop8 days ago

    I'm bout to make you guys bleach your eyes 6:02 enjoy : )

  43. Gravy Maze

    Gravy Maze9 days ago

    Is that a penis

  44. GreenBeetle

    GreenBeetle9 days ago

    Why you have wild animals ?

  45. Riley Moggs

    Riley Moggs9 days ago

    What is that thumbnail

  46. Snowfolf101

    Snowfolf1019 days ago

    Yeah, just like most of the comments. Female Hyenas have a form of a penis as well. Its just an elongated clitoris called a pseudopenis. Unfortunately they also have to give birth through it, and can result in death sometimes (being as they give birth through a long tube connected to themselves). Male Hyenas are also the bottom of the social hierarchy. Its usually the alpha female, all other females and pups, and than males (all treated as chewtoys and abused). On the real note, nice video.

  47. Anhelator _RBLX

    Anhelator _RBLX9 days ago

    0:43 monkee g r a b

  48. Benji Stewart

    Benji Stewart9 days ago

    Has anyone seen the thumbnail we don’t know if it is a boy or girl 🍆

  49. Mialanii Fahey-tapa

    Mialanii Fahey-tapa9 days ago

    I love your videos wow you make so much cool animal videos hyenas and lots of other animals I love them so much keep it going

  50. Chantal Jones

    Chantal Jones9 days ago

    That’s cannibalism

  51. ashlovestolaugh

    ashlovestolaugh9 days ago

    nice thumbnail............smh

  52. Layla VanGilder

    Layla VanGilder9 days ago

    I love your videos 👁👄👁

  53. Uriah Gomez

    Uriah Gomez9 days ago

    No 🍒 just 🍆

  54. spotted hyena br

    spotted hyena br10 days ago

    Such a cute hyena!

  55. Death Bunny

    Death Bunny10 days ago

    Bro if you get hurt call 911 but I am in a different island it's called Australia and you are a American in our place on our phones we have a different phone number of all of the station it's called 000 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  56. Kenny Get Guap

    Kenny Get Guap10 days ago

    the thumbnail had me weak lmao I didn't know hyenas could be so friendly!

  57. Shanterrica Ogarro

    Shanterrica Ogarro10 days ago

    It is pointless if you let him back in the wild they get treated down bad by females bro XD

  58. Shanterrica Ogarro

    Shanterrica Ogarro10 days ago

    Wild kratts!!!

  59. Cameron Carney

    Cameron Carney10 days ago


  60. Blass

    Blass10 days ago

    This is sick, wild animals are not your pets

  61. xo.watson ebw

    xo.watson ebw10 days ago

    the turtle 8 her baby

  62. cyberwolf

    cyberwolf10 days ago

    Its a female hyena in the thumbnail lol

  63. White McElroy

    White McElroy10 days ago

    That looks like a fun job

  64. kizzle wizzle

    kizzle wizzle10 days ago

    I came for the thumbnail

  65. Mary Jo Padgett

    Mary Jo Padgett10 days ago

    Runs hal love you

  66. glock glock gabgalab

    glock glock gabgalab10 days ago

    he be packin somethin down there

  67. Steve Duran

    Steve Duran10 days ago

    Where do you even get a Hyena from though???

  68. grace jennings

    grace jennings10 days ago


  69. Sammeh

    Sammeh10 days ago

    The thumbnail uhhh

  70. Carlos Osorio

    Carlos Osorio10 days ago

    I hope one day i could live like that 😞

  71. Kari Boo

    Kari Boo10 days ago

    Yall should have named him Zabumafu

  72. GoGoatedPotato

    GoGoatedPotato10 days ago

    The thumbnail 💀🍆

  73. Rivers Allen

    Rivers Allen10 days ago

    BOTH MALE AND FEMALE HYENAS HAVE PENISES that's why it's hard to tell.

  74. Literal Chills

    Literal Chills10 days ago

    It’s a boy it has a ding dong

  75. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee10 days ago

    Bruh he remembering every animal he named and I can’t even remember what fish I named red :-;

  76. Crispy Cut ICE

    Crispy Cut ICE10 days ago

    Is that the dude with multiple wife’s

  77. Gacha Darling. 052

    Gacha Darling. 05210 days ago

    Fun fact for you who dont know: Femal hyenas have a penis aswell,It helps them with the babies.

  78. femylafi

    femylafi10 days ago

    Could be a girl.... 😂 ... That is no girl...

  79. Laura poole

    Laura poole10 days ago

    I think is,t a boy 🌟✨🐾💕 I hope he no gest no shots 😓😥

  80. Danny M

    Danny M10 days ago

    from what I understand, even herbivorous animals will eat any egg that ends up being infertile or broken because it gets them back some of the energy they expended making the egg in the first place. I don't know if that's true for turtles, but I wouldn't doubt it either

  81. Martin Foale

    Martin Foale10 days ago

    I loveeeeeeee your videos

  82. Henry Games

    Henry Games10 days ago

    The female tortoise is a canabial

  83. Jeremy Jackson

    Jeremy Jackson10 days ago

    Little yeen

  84. Random_Demon666

    Random_Demon66610 days ago

    there is a way to tell ITS A BOY! anyone try and prove me wrong

  85. BeanieGOD the Mudkip Queen

    BeanieGOD the Mudkip Queen10 days ago

    @Random_Demon666actually both male and female can have a penis.

  86. Random_Demon666

    Random_Demon66610 days ago

    @BeanieGOD the Mudkip Queen the package why would a girl hyena have a package

  87. BeanieGOD the Mudkip Queen

    BeanieGOD the Mudkip Queen10 days ago

    how can you tell?

  88. Angelo Maestroni

    Angelo Maestroni10 days ago

    It'a just me that feel uncomfortable about the fact that they have exotic animals?

  89. cursed catz

    cursed catz10 days ago

    Some exotic animals cannot go into the wild due to various reasons, I'm sure they take good care of these animals.

  90. I’m you but better

    I’m you but better11 days ago


  91. Mc Foxhuntt

    Mc Foxhuntt11 days ago

    Did u see that hyenas 🍌 ew

  92. glizy gobbler

    glizy gobbler11 days ago

    the thumb nail, tf!!!!!

  93. RuneyPruney

    RuneyPruney11 days ago

    It kinda surprises me how little a lot of people know about Hyena anatomy....Male's have a penis, females have what's called a pseudo penis; it's essentially a elongated clitoris/vagina. The reason he said that they don't know if the baby is male or female yet is because well...They look the same for the most part genital wise, female hyena's in order to mate/give birth will actually retract the canal and make it a more accessible opening for copulation/having babies. So while yes, it's funny to some people it's literally just how hyena's are! They also don't have a sheath like most canid's do so their bits kinda just hang out they can't help it. If you pay attention to Hyena's in their natural setting you'll also see that genital licking/sniffing and displaying are also completely normal behaviors for them so to us it's really awkward it's just doing what they do to other Hyena's. :)

  94. Koushi Sugawara

    Koushi Sugawara11 days ago

    tf you mean you don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl 😭

  95. BeanieGOD the Mudkip Queen

    BeanieGOD the Mudkip Queen10 days ago

    its hard to tell on hyenas

  96. ツMalte

    ツMalte11 days ago

    Baby Hyena bigger pinis than you

  97. Juan De Lira

    Juan De Lira11 days ago


  98. Acemcfugly

    Acemcfugly11 days ago

    Girl hyenas also have genatals sort of they dont really work the same

  99. Angus_Big_Bangus

    Angus_Big_Bangus11 days ago

    Red Rocket

  100. LJ Miller

    LJ Miller11 days ago

    The thumbnail show the hyena with a dick. WHYYY

  101. step4fam

    step4fam11 days ago

    That is actually a girl hyena look it up

  102. Flex Modz

    Flex Modz11 days ago

    This dude needs to invest in a drone 4k camera. So tired of his shaky ass hands. You can program the drone to take shots while you are walking. It will walk with you and you will have both hands free. Plus you get really good high up footage.

  103. Harvey Ashworth

    Harvey Ashworth11 days ago

    Umm that thumbnail is odd

  104. Casper Norden

    Casper Norden11 days ago


  105. Ssj 8

    Ssj 811 days ago

    He's packing

  106. Meat Clown

    Meat Clown11 days ago

    Me looking at the thumbnail: ah, so it’s a female

  107. Zoe's Dog Channel

    Zoe's Dog Channel12 hours ago


  108. Strictly Scales

    Strictly Scales2 days ago


  109. Maya Sidi

    Maya Sidi11 days ago

    “We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy” YOU’RE TELLING ME A FEMALE CAN HAVE A 🍆?!

  110. Ghost Cotto

    Ghost Cotto11 days ago

    This is the damn life man. I’m happy for you and you truly deserve this as they deserve someone as caring as you.

  111. scoot mc.bonkers

    scoot mc.bonkers11 days ago

    king kong. be vibin

  112. Hadvarr

    Hadvarr11 days ago

    That chimp should be with it's own kind

  113. Roblox Kid

    Roblox Kid11 days ago

    Please stop theese animals deserv zoo’s not you guys that mistreat them