Today we built a nest for the pregnant otters !

(All Merch proceeds go back to animal food & animal care)
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MIAMI, FL 33256



  1. Sean Elliott

    Sean Elliott8 days ago

    Can you make a video that the otters can now be in the cage with there parents

  2. memey channel

    memey channel9 days ago

    My otters name is william and liam

  3. Galaxy Master

    Galaxy Master18 days ago

    Jacob s so funny it makes me and my mom laugh

  4. Jary Aguilar

    Jary Aguilar19 days ago

    i wonder how it feels to be having animals around

  5. Oreva OrumaAkufie

    Oreva OrumaAkufie24 days ago


  6. Grammie's Corner

    Grammie's Corner25 days ago

    I love otters they're cute

  7. Cassidy Herrera

    Cassidy Herrera28 days ago

    So cute

  8. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    You should do a giveaway

  9. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    I really like a chimpanzee tiger lion Jaguar lion and gibbons I am going to be a cool animal person!!!!

  10. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    I’d like lots and lots of animals!!!

  11. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    I’d like a otter

  12. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    I touched a otter it was sooooooooo friendly it did not be so angry!

  13. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    Maybe I’ll make my zoo when I’m 17

  14. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    If you get my letter read it to the fans please I’m sending you a letter!!!

  15. Trust And Obey

    Trust And Obey29 days ago

    Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. (Matthew 11:28-30 [KJV]) ^^^^ As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one: There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God. They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one. (Romans 3:10-12 [KJV]) -

  16. Spinokid Gaming

    Spinokid GamingMonth ago

    I love otters there my favourite the reason why they can run fast swim fast intelligent adorable and more

  17. anastasia payne

    anastasia payneMonth ago

    there so cute

  18. pawel gryl

    pawel grylMonth ago

    I want to be Jacob🌍🌍🌍🌍

  19. Shooting Stars

    Shooting StarsMonth ago

    Do u need a license to get the otter?

  20. ghost crepper gaming

    ghost crepper gamingMonth ago

    This was amazing

  21. NightcoreGalaxy xx

    NightcoreGalaxy xxMonth ago

    I love you ❤️

  22. among us Tik tok

    among us Tik tokMonth ago

    I have a sun coner and they have given 3 eggs and to are hatched

  23. Matty Dyson

    Matty DysonMonth ago

    Otters are so cute,they must be so happy where they are living and being taken care of to be able to have babies again. I love that you have your own personal zoo of your own,not many young guys can say that for sure,you’re the only videos I let my kids watch because the other kids put invasive fish back in the waterways and they all have farm animals and don’t even wear shirts or proper shoes on their property’s,they sure aren’t as educational as your videos are.

  24. Valeria Perez

    Valeria PerezMonth ago

    The otters are so cute

  25. Miguel gomez

    Miguel gomezMonth ago

    We need more people like Jacob he is so nice and caring if it wasn’t for Jacob these animals would have died

  26. Amanda Baker

    Amanda BakerMonth ago

    So cut

  27. Alisa Loebs

    Alisa LoebsMonth ago

    I think you should be more nice to them let them live their life

  28. Kathleen Mae Mangahas

    Kathleen Mae MangahasMonth ago

    I love it when he said "amazing fish oooo take the fish

  29. Ren ren Liu

    Ren ren LiuMonth ago

    Post update plss

  30. The Chocolate girl L

    The Chocolate girl LMonth ago

    Hey bro I love you

  31. Gemma Montealto

    Gemma MontealtoMonth ago


  32. Lindseyplaysroblox _

    Lindseyplaysroblox _Month ago

    Omg I Forgot about You you were my favorite USloftr

  33. Genalyn Paredes

    Genalyn ParedesMonth ago

    How do you suply food for your pets

  34. Jaida Fluegge

    Jaida FlueggeMonth ago


  35. poochiepie923

    poochiepie923Month ago

    Jacob your the best with animals! I was wondering if you can send me an otter it’s my dream pet plss

  36. Lukemaha2010

    Lukemaha2010Month ago

    These otters are so cute they’re fur looks so soft 😂😍🥺

  37. Roheimann Ejaz

    Roheimann EjazMonth ago

    that is so good otters owww nice there makeing there on nestt

  38. Roheimann Ejaz

    Roheimann EjazMonth ago

    and the monky

  39. ツSamurai

    ツSamuraiMonth ago

    You kids don't understand stand he did it he is posting these "rescue" videos but in reality he abuses them then just leaves them then comes back with a camera to make a video of him rescuing them but after he "rescue" the animal he does not take it to a vet that shows that he wanted them to die for clicks please bring awareness to these fake rescue USloftrs and if your subscribed unsubscribe

  40. Stephen Khawzawl

    Stephen KhawzawlMonth ago

    I like the way you snatched away the fish 🤣

  41. analiza cascaro

    analiza cascaroMonth ago


  42. *Fatal N Queen*

    *Fatal N Queen*Month ago

    Me: *sees animal on his shoulder* Is that a raccoon 🦝? Animal: *begins eating* OHHHH

  43. Leslie Villegas

    Leslie VillegasMonth ago

    WHAT it’s already been a year since coral and Casper?!!! Omg it’s been so long!!

  44. Mia Aragon

    Mia AragonMonth ago

    The sound was so cute

  45. Gaby Janes

    Gaby JanesMonth ago

    Do others lay eggs 🥚 🐣🐤🐥😘

  46. Gaby Janes

    Gaby JanesMonth ago

    Do oterslay 🥚

  47. Mommy Choi

    Mommy ChoiMonth ago


  48. Brett Shields

    Brett ShieldsMonth ago

    can I go it looks cool!!!!!!!

  49. The Gaming Team

    The Gaming TeamMonth ago

    I can’t believe Corl and Casper are parent s now I remember when they were babys

  50. Emma's Rainbows & Unicorns

    Emma's Rainbows & UnicornsMonth ago


  51. cody ward

    cody wardMonth ago

    do you have the duck still?

  52. Yellowstone Wolves!

    Yellowstone Wolves!Month ago


  53. kaly tiger

    kaly tigerMonth ago


  54. Osiel Selvera

    Osiel SelveraMonth ago

    Me when my mom takes my food away for me 5:56

  55. Danielle Tuomi

    Danielle TuomiMonth ago

    So cute

  56. Christine Gwilliam

    Christine GwilliamMonth ago

    Baby otters are sooo cute who agrees with me

  57. Keng seng Chang

    Keng seng ChangMonth ago

    Do you. Play. Pokemon

  58. Annette Laity

    Annette LaityMonth ago

    Omg 😱 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  59. •A l e x•

    •A l e x•Month ago

    Jacob: Imma head over to the zoo... Me: isn’t your house already a zoo? Love the animals!

  60. Uros Stojicic

    Uros StojicicMonth ago

    Omg wow

  61. Casey Myers

    Casey MyersMonth ago

    I have a ball python her name is Georgia

  62. karen leon

    karen leonMonth ago

    U get what u love u keep what u have and I will be sorry when they die or go 😰😰

  63. Not Aztex

    Not AztexMonth ago

    What kind of otters are those

  64. George Butcher

    George ButcherMonth ago

    Your good at taking care of animals

  65. Little Livingstons

    Little LivingstonsMonth ago

    This is how many people that love otters ⬇️

  66. Lyacra

    LyacraMonth ago

    One person

  67. Cali4eddie

    Cali4eddieMonth ago

    They are so cute I love ❤️ the m.

  68. Cringe Boi #memes REE

    Cringe Boi #memes REEMonth ago

    Did you know that otters are more dangerous then crocodiles or alligators cuz if the animal trys to attack!! The otter then a hole gang comes a

  69. にんじん•BūnBūnPōmX2•

    にんじん•BūnBūnPōmX2•Month ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue This comment makes no sense Microwaveable shoe

  70. Kyle Bicker

    Kyle BickerMonth ago

    There is no bigger heaven he deserves

  71. Siddy Panics

    Siddy PanicsMonth ago


  72. Magic Saphira

    Magic SaphiraMonth ago

    Cool video. Blake from Blakes Exotic Animal Ranch is looking for a new female baby otter I believe, because the baby female that he had died unexpectantly. He still has a baby male small clawed otter in his care, that is thriving, but the boy needs a girlfriend. Maybe with this nest coming, you can help each other.

  73. zerun huang

    zerun huangMonth ago

    I wish I can also have a otter

  74. Lori Bishop

    Lori BishopMonth ago

    babies yet??💕

  75. Tony Mullet

    Tony MulletMonth ago

    Im sure you'll kill them for views in a few weeks.

  76. C E M

    C E MMonth ago

    I’m having a good and also trying to get this wiggly tooth out of my face egggggh😅

  77. itachi uchiha

    itachi uchihaMonth ago

    Your eyebrows don't fit your face

  78. Antonique Ballard

    Antonique BallardMonth ago


  79. Antonique Ballard

    Antonique BallardMonth ago


  80. Will bassuk

    Will bassukMonth ago

    Jacob Feder and Brian bazark should collab with each other like if you agree


    xX_PRO_GAMING_Xx BGMonth ago

    I luv that otters. SO CUTEEEEEE

  82. Ashael Berwyn Junardy

    Ashael Berwyn JunardyMonth ago

    their so cute I want to go thereeeeeeeee

  83. Joury Bakri

    Joury BakriMonth ago

    Me too

  84. Eriella Gilbert

    Eriella GilbertMonth ago

    Can you do an update on the guinea pigs?

  85. Gachalifemoviestory

    GachalifemoviestoryMonth ago

    Hai pls notice me𐂂❤︎♡︎♥︎

  86. Emilynn

    EmilynnMonth ago

    Black exotic animal need a girl hit him up 👌🏽

  87. Sunflower _playz

    Sunflower _playzMonth ago


  88. Ben Adams

    Ben AdamsMonth ago

    I love your videos man but your thumbnails bro

  89. Dlo's vlogs

    Dlo's vlogsMonth ago

    Your so inspriring there is no other youtuber better or as positive as you

  90. Noah Alaric

    Noah AlaricMonth ago


  91. Edgar Flores

    Edgar FloresMonth ago

    more otters = more cuddly, cute, baby otters

  92. Will bassuk

    Will bassukMonth ago


  93. Maryam Khan

    Maryam KhanMonth ago

    Will you be helping raise the babies

  94. Amy Cook

    Amy CookMonth ago

    Are you going to get a mate for Rufus? Or a buddy

  95. Savya _funny_Nate

    Savya _funny_NateMonth ago

    I can’t look at this it’s too cute otter 🥺

  96. karl taylor

    karl taylorMonth ago

    I love otters aspshly Corl and Casper.

  97. The Cockatiels And Budgies Show

    The Cockatiels And Budgies ShowMonth ago

    Can you do more videos with limbarny the chimpanzee or the different monkeys

  98. #Pink Fam

    #Pink FamMonth ago

    Oᴛᴛᴇʀs. Aʀᴇ ᴀ ᴊᴏʏ

  99. The stupid Dragon

    The stupid DragonMonth ago

    Otter kids

  100. idostuff

    idostuffMonth ago

    I have a question for you feder. plz reply !!!!

  101. Infinite Tea

    Infinite TeaMonth ago

    Hmm yes baby otters cute indeed

  102. Raydell Townsel

    Raydell TownselMonth ago

    Love it

  103. James Ho

    James HoMonth ago

    Yay a nest for the 🦦

  104. XxMarcenxX gencer

    XxMarcenxX gencerMonth ago

    The one that dislike. Are animal haters or animal abuser