Today I unboxed my gold play button with a chimpanzee


  1. Marlee Hiner

    Marlee Hiner7 hours ago

    You just got one new subscriber 😄

  2. The Mcculloch

    The Mcculloch23 hours ago

    You just did all the work sooooo he’s not the first chimpanzee to open a golden play button

  3. Elizabeth Servin

    Elizabeth Servin2 days ago


  4. Madnad7 Woj

    Madnad7 Woj2 days ago

    He’s like : oh yaaa NOW ITS MINE

  5. Hailey Silva

    Hailey Silva3 days ago

    He opened it like he was so excited

  6. ChickenNoodle Adventures!

    ChickenNoodle Adventures!3 days ago



    LIAW ZHENG HERR Moe4 days ago

    my brother is also a youtuber he just got 8 subcribers

  8. Jay Maxwell Habacon

    Jay Maxwell Habacon4 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉 for one million subscribers

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  11. Alizee Zaharia

    Alizee Zaharia5 days ago

    I was the 8.1K like person!!!

  12. NICO

    NICO5 days ago

    why do you keep your videos name at caps lock

  13. Gatcha Life

    Gatcha Life6 days ago

    Good job and I love chimpanzees yay!

  14. Ian Klassen

    Ian Klassen6 days ago

    he's a fraud.

  15. Mo's adventures

    Mo's adventures7 days ago

    So cute

  16. Ulta Blade

    Ulta Blade7 days ago

    I just found won of your videos to say this it sounds coocoo but would you get a pet wolverine I looked it up and it said they make good pets

  17. Emad & Ali

    Emad & Ali7 days ago


  18. Tiffany Daniels

    Tiffany Daniels8 days ago

    I am boy

  19. Tiffany Daniels

    Tiffany Daniels8 days ago

    I am jacob to

  20. I love to play Games

    I love to play Games8 days ago

    They just lied because the jealous they don’t have a God play button

  21. Aesthetic Unicorn

    Aesthetic Unicorn10 days ago

    Forget the play butten limboni lives ether life of luxury

  22. Rosie The Eevee

    Rosie The Eevee10 days ago


  23. Valentina Rodriguez

    Valentina Rodriguez10 days ago


  24. Maximosaurus04 2nd

    Maximosaurus04 2nd11 days ago

    It’s not a monkey, it’s an ape!!

  25. Louise Herbert

    Louise Herbert13 days ago

    He looked extremely excited 😜 he looked soooooooo happy for you 💕💜❤️

  26. Vicki Worthington

    Vicki Worthington13 days ago

    I love linbonnie

  27. Windy Bee

    Windy Bee14 days ago

    I just realised that I haven’t sub yet-

  28. Anthony Torres

    Anthony Torres14 days ago

    Subscribe is USloft video that was so funny he’s like yeah yeah

  29. James

    James14 days ago

    Good job for the play button🐾🐾

  30. Seth Patton

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  31. Ramisha Tasnim

    Ramisha Tasnim17 days ago

    you deserve it❤️❤️❤️

  32. Simrah Uddin

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  33. HMRG Channel

    HMRG Channel17 days ago

    Well done

  34. Lauren Huggins

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  35. Robert Briones jr

    Robert Briones jr18 days ago

    That’s so cute 🥰

  36. J&L Blanton Bros Epic Adventures

    J&L Blanton Bros Epic Adventures19 days ago

    I'm also a youtuber too

  37. J&L Blanton Bros Epic Adventures

    J&L Blanton Bros Epic Adventures19 days ago

    My name is Jacob Sims blanton

  38. Constance Teow

    Constance Teow20 days ago

    Congratulations Jacob

  39. Daniel Weightman

    Daniel Weightman20 days ago

    I have a monkey called Zeus (A ring tailed lemur)

  40. Keileen aranza Ramos paredes

    Keileen aranza Ramos paredes20 days ago

    Can I get a Shout out

  41. Matija Adric

    Matija Adric20 days ago

    I like Land Bunny name my name my name my little baby Shake up subscribe live like

  42. Carla Joy Yalong

    Carla Joy Yalong21 day ago

    What happened to your nose Jacob? Are you ok ? Look like you have scratch

  43. I I

    I I22 days ago

    Limbani is basically a professional unboxer

  44. Nuzhin Rovan

    Nuzhin Rovan22 days ago

    Oh my God congratulations for passing 1 million subscribers and that made my day so much and that was the first time seeing a monkey open the play button🥳🥳🥳🙊

  45. corys shea water

    corys shea water23 days ago


  46. Rober Ramirez

    Rober Ramirez23 days ago

    Love Jacobo

  47. ๑Uchū๑

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  48. jennie thompson

    jennie thompson25 days ago

    We love animals☺

  49. Kieran Lynn

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    3F11KHAN FAAIZ 3F11KHAN FAAIZ26 days ago

    He want to eat gold play Button

  51. Sylvia Muis

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  52. Cali4eddie

    Cali4eddie26 days ago

    Reject humanity EMBRACE LE MONKE

  53. SadDiamond TY

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  54. Allen Nicholson

    Allen Nicholson27 days ago

    I’m going to give you 1000 💰 💴💷💶💵💸💰

  55. Allen Nicholson

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  56. NGMtibbi

    NGMtibbi28 days ago

    Do monkeys use there teeth’s lot because I don’t want him to hurt his teeth

  57. Estela Maris Brown

    Estela Maris Brown28 days ago


  58. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    I want play button

  59. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    I would love gold play button 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  60. Kaytoon 100

    Kaytoon 10029 days ago

    So cool!

  61. Soumik Ghosh biswas

    Soumik Ghosh biswas29 days ago

    I like this video👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  62. Amzie Edwards

    Amzie EdwardsMonth ago

    I want to meet Bonnie

  63. Hi :3

    Hi :3Month ago

    The power of the M O N K E Y

  64. 3-C2 Oliver James Wangkar

    3-C2 Oliver James WangkarMonth ago

    you are so amazing

  65. Zachary Karas

    Zachary KarasMonth ago


  66. Bryce Gallman

    Bryce GallmanMonth ago

    Remember you said about animal cruelty I think you're doing animal cruelty fraud hope you go to jail

  67. Bryce Gallman

    Bryce GallmanMonth ago

    How do you file a guinea pig in a dumpster man how did you found one you fraud

  68. Bryce Gallman

    Bryce GallmanMonth ago

    Not so one would think who will waive a dead animal your pet rabbit remember who waved at a time like that and also how does a rabbit die if it must have become sick and you didn't help that it you don't want to get more likes you're a crappy USloftr

  69. Bryce Gallman

    Bryce GallmanMonth ago

    I hate you fraud

  70. Bryce Gallman

    Bryce GallmanMonth ago

    No so you don't deserve that me you deserve nothing that Amy is crap to you all that is crap and why you didn't take that puppy to the vet why it was just white and took it to the vet why you have to do it yourself I think everything stayed man you really abused to a little that's all I want some kind of USloft a man talks about you how you be abusive to the animals what kind of person would do that you don't get a lot of likes and stuff in the blog screw that that you're make me sick

  71. Bryce Gallman

    Bryce GallmanMonth ago

    And also one more thing what what the puppy with tumor why why didn't took it to the vet why I had to do that to the puppy is everything stayed you you fraud

  72. Bryce Gallman

    Bryce GallmanMonth ago

    Hey Jacob theater how did you solve animal that often how do you say is everything staged is everything stage in that balloon from the lizard for reals the balloon and the lizard what kind of lizard what do that I think you're a fraud and how did Al broke its wing how do you say animals in do that often and what about all the animal died I died they have rather were most sick sick use holding who what kind of who hold a rabbit like that way you're just a froggy you just a fraud you cross a hole PS you're a fraud🤢🤮

  73. Simulationbaseball

    SimulationbaseballMonth ago


  74. Addison Beddall7

    Addison Beddall7Month ago

    Aw congrats Jacob!

  75. KE246

    KE246Month ago

    Just watching you it makes me in a extremely good mood

  76. Anesa Bender

    Anesa BenderMonth ago

    Your amazing

  77. [Otf] [onil]

    [Otf] [onil]Month ago

    I m you 1mil

  78. Rachel Sures

    Rachel SuresMonth ago

    “Rufus is desiding where he wants to go ahhhh “bleep” then u say it again”

  79. Julie Kronborg

    Julie KronborgMonth ago

    This video i subscribe to you i dont know Why i dont do it before love you👍🏻👌🏻and is my birhtday today yaa 🇩🇰🇩🇰

  80. hucka bro

    hucka broMonth ago

    Who else remembers watching limbanhae learn to skate

  81. çøffèè _coffee

    çøffèè _coffeeMonth ago

    I kinda want a chimpanzee

  82. Queen Jayla

    Queen JaylaMonth ago

    Under rated

  83. Liam Ball

    Liam BallMonth ago

    I LOVE your videos

  84. Liam Ball

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  85. Justine Conn

    Justine ConnMonth ago

    You are the dest

  86. opening toys by Leo

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  87. Purr Blox

    Purr BloxMonth ago

    Speaking of subscribers, can anyone reading this subscribe to my channel? Channel name is Purr Blox, big thanks!

  88. Christy Camenzuli

    Christy CamenzuliMonth ago

    Limbani is so cute

  89. Rachael Gonzalez

    Rachael GonzalezMonth ago

    🥳 CONGRATULATIONS JACOB 🥳 I'm so happy for you I can't believe you hit 1m subscribers that fast and I love your animals ❤

  90. Dawn Blume

    Dawn BlumeMonth ago


  91. Hayley Fox

    Hayley FoxMonth ago

    You are the best I I literally wish I could I wish I could see you in person you're the best

  92. bridget Grey

    bridget GreyMonth ago

    Limbani is so cute and precious hes so smart as well! ❤ he is the most smartest animal I have ever seen! And rufus is really cute as well! Well to be honest I'm a big animal lover so I think all animals are cute! But I'm a big fan and I love your videos! And congratulations! But I'm really late...

  93. Beau Paul

    Beau PaulMonth ago


  94. Kaisei Harris

    Kaisei HarrisMonth ago

    8:35 when he hugs him loll

  95. EpicnoobPro Damn

    EpicnoobPro DamnMonth ago

    Jacob: gold plak Monkey: FOAM

  96. Briella Joyce

    Briella JoyceMonth ago

    the chimppanzee was so cute when he was unboxing it

  97. Zayd Habib

    Zayd HabibMonth ago

    I love all yout video

  98. Fun WithMe

    Fun WithMeMonth ago

    Congrats on your subscribers

  99. Stuart Bailey

    Stuart BaileyMonth ago

    I saw he's adress

  100. Scarlett Valdez

    Scarlett ValdezMonth ago

    You’re welcome