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  1. Yoke Khon Chen

    Yoke Khon Chen4 hours ago


  2. Bolohed808 k

    Bolohed808 k10 hours ago

    This turned him gay

  3. Sean Meyer

    Sean Meyer21 hour ago


  4. Heather White

    Heather WhiteDay ago

    its a girl

  5. Loky 20

    Loky 20Day ago


  6. Kerlens Louis

    Kerlens Louis2 days ago

    8:32 monke together strong

  7. driphard1

    driphard12 days ago

    He got a human thing

  8. R.D.G Playzz

    R.D.G Playzz2 days ago

    Can someone explain why the hyena HAS A FUCKING SHLONG

  9. Sarahnene Nenesarah

    Sarahnene Nenesarah2 days ago

    I was look i said #HyenaBoy Hes a boy!💙

  10. arivin maikel

    arivin maikel3 days ago

    Yooo that thumbnail is messed up

  11. Edgar Lopez

    Edgar Lopez3 days ago

    It is a boy

  12. lexi dragon pack Thayer

    lexi dragon pack Thayer4 days ago

    Omg I now knew some hyenas are kinds


    Shiny MICHAEL GAMING5 days ago


  14. nicole tv

    nicole tv6 days ago

    Is it only me or is the chinp trying to grab the hyena's love rod 👁👄👁

  15. Lakisha Hall

    Lakisha Hall6 days ago


  16. Taelynn Davis

    Taelynn Davis6 days ago


  17. aisha alowais

    aisha alowais7 days ago

    A yo

  18. fireflygirl

    fireflygirl8 days ago

    Female and male hyenas private areas look the same but females have false ones and when females birth their children it's a hard process because for a female too birth her babies it has too rip too make it easier learnt that from animal planet

  19. Brenda Rodriguez

    Brenda Rodriguez8 days ago

    I think it’s a boy I’m pretty sure

  20. Brenda Rodriguez

    Brenda Rodriguez8 days ago

    Yooooo why is that sooo you know

  21. Drew FN

    Drew FN8 days ago

    Ayoo the thumbnail

  22. Sstrxwbxrry_girl1 1

    Sstrxwbxrry_girl1 19 days ago

    It’s boy bc he has the long thing under yeah

  23. Liam Germond

    Liam Germond9 days ago

    Why does everyone comment about the genitals everyone knows no one cares it’s not funny because everyone says the same thing over and over

  24. Richard Melgar

    Richard Melgar9 days ago

    Why u mean to that cat what she do wronge

  25. Mackenzie Bodensky

    Mackenzie Bodensky9 days ago

    Oops never mind it’s a female

  26. Mackenzie Bodensky

    Mackenzie Bodensky9 days ago

    The hyena is a boy obviously it has the male body part👀

  27. The Kreeping Unit

    The Kreeping Unit8 days ago

    Girls have it too Sherlock as many would say do your research.

  28. NBL Justin

    NBL Justin10 days ago

    Sheesh dat boi packing

  29. Imnextup-jay

    Imnextup-jay10 days ago

    “As soon as I seen the thumbnail” 👁👄👁

  30. Bonnie Ebright

    Bonnie Ebright10 days ago

    the fact that in the title he asked if it was a boy or girl and yet he says "he"

  31. Jayannne

    Jayannne10 days ago

    Bugatti is so adorable OMG I love her

  32. •hotchoclate•

    •hotchoclate•10 days ago

    How do hyenas give birth?

  33. YO_G_ hunter

    YO_G_ hunter10 days ago

    the hyena needs some pants lol

  34. XYZ

    XYZ11 days ago

    omg goodness I just realized that your zoo is only 14 minutes away from my house. Im going

  35. Jennifer Gornowicz

    Jennifer Gornowicz11 days ago

    i hate you so much i wish you could stop making videos, please

  36. britneymommyof3

    britneymommyof312 days ago

    So excited to se if it's a girl or boy

  37. malak hassoun

    malak hassoun13 days ago

    Bonzai Bonzai what a ugly funny name

  38. vim and cocoa

    vim and cocoa13 days ago

    did you know what female hyenas have that pp thing but i think they give birth to puppies through that . sorry if im wrong i havent been researching lately

  39. Lynda Graham

    Lynda Graham13 days ago

    he so cute XD

  40. svetlin marinov

    svetlin marinov13 days ago

    Creative thumbnail

  41. Neve Morris

    Neve Morris14 days ago

    Did I just get klick bated?

  42. Ruben Villegas

    Ruben Villegas14 days ago


  43. Ruben Villegas

    Ruben Villegas14 days ago

    Mans is packing

  44. vxruzئ

    vxruzئ14 days ago

    ayo 0:24


    BRAYLON MERRELLS14 days ago

    Girls and boy hienas have a thing


    BRAYLON MERRELLS14 days ago

    It’s a girl

  47. Quentavious Strong

    Quentavious Strong14 days ago


  48. Axoh Gaming

    Axoh Gaming15 days ago

    bro im not digging that thumbnail..

  49. yeet yeet

    yeet yeet15 days ago


  50. donald Little

    donald Little15 days ago

    That’s totally a boy

  51. colay71

    colay7116 days ago

    He is so cute... I have a 12 foot corn snake here in England and I study anacondas I also had my dogs kill and anaconda and it was a male and I also did a dna test on snakes and a lost hyena before

  52. Peachyivy __

    Peachyivy __16 days ago

    Plot twist: it's a transgender

  53. Spazzz

    Spazzz17 days ago

    Hyena packing

  54. Andy Ruiz

    Andy Ruiz17 days ago

    Yo thats a boy look a his part

  55. Et Aa

    Et Aa17 days ago

    I think he is a boy he look like a boy

  56. Matty Dyson

    Matty Dyson17 days ago

    Oh look ,it’s an animal from another country and it has a penis...oh no...everyone is offended because the animal has no pants on...ummm...horses do this ALL THE TIME by the way. Grow up all you immature people...omg..get over your simple minds!!!

  57. Dominion Pro

    Dominion Pro18 days ago

    For mi ise boy

  58. Crystal Wieck

    Crystal Wieck19 days ago

    It's a little boy

  59. KB Baker

    KB Baker19 days ago

    I think the hyena is a boy

  60. KB Baker

    KB Baker19 days ago

    You keep on saying him I think it’s a boy

  61. Wilber The best

    Wilber The best19 days ago

    the famles give birth from there pp.sorry if you did not wanted to know.

  62. Gacha._. Loser._.

    Gacha._. Loser._.20 days ago

    As you van see the gLiZzY its a boy 💀🤚

  63. Nattaleigh Ziglar

    Nattaleigh Ziglar20 days ago

    My cat does that to

  64. Aaron Cole

    Aaron Cole20 days ago

    Myles: Girls Big boys

  65. Jr Bandz

    Jr Bandz21 day ago

    How is the hyena packing and your saying is it a boy or girl😭😂

  66. Mia Skraba

    Mia Skraba21 day ago

    Funny enough I have looked at many hyena genitalia and attempted to sex them. I’m a taxidermist and I worked on two hyenas, and every time we attempt to determine if it was male or female. It’s not an easy task LOL, but from the little that I’ve seen in this video I’m going to guess that this hyena is a male

  67. umut cakir

    umut cakir21 day ago


  68. Funtime Freddy

    Funtime Freddy21 day ago

    the title: people that actually know about hyena's: heh heh heh

  69. Rockwiler Jada

    Rockwiler Jada15 days ago

    Like fr girl hyenas has digger parts

  70. HappyBunnyNightmares

    HappyBunnyNightmares18 days ago

    Lmao accurate

  71. tyler sizer

    tyler sizer21 day ago

    yo why u so close

  72. James _ Galax

    James _ Galax22 days ago

    Title: IS THIS HYENA A GIRL OR A BOI thumbnail: *hyena with a frikin b*ner*

  73. James _ Galax

    James _ Galax22 days ago

    Title: IS THIS HYENA A GIRL OR A BOI thumbnail: *hyena with a frikin b*ner*

  74. Kirsten Garcia-Williams

    Kirsten Garcia-Williams22 days ago

    Awwww also he is a boy

  75. journey maryland

    journey maryland22 days ago

    king kong: Monke :>

  76. The Cool Guy

    The Cool Guy14 days ago

    Godzilla: Slimey iguana :3

  77. Jacksie Witham

    Jacksie Witham22 days ago

    So is the hyena a boy or a girl Jacob

  78. Fortnite Jay

    Fortnite Jay23 days ago

    Female hyenas have bigger slongs than males

  79. Deutschland

    Deutschland23 days ago

    Be funny if that hyena attacked his dumbass

  80. Mommy Choi

    Mommy Choi24 days ago

    good morning

  81. JAY

    JAY24 days ago

    most people think just bc of the you know what its a boy but fun fact boys and girls can have one so yea and my guess is its a female🙃

  82. Fabby Montez

    Fabby Montez24 days ago

    It's a boy

  83. Day break killer

    Day break killer24 days ago

    Do a video on all of your animals

  84. Melanee Villarreal

    Melanee Villarreal24 days ago

    is it a boy or girl???

  85. Foxy

    Foxy24 days ago

    It probably a girl if I'm right cuz girl hyenas also have fake make parts tire fact so that the mals s don't know if it male or female

  86. Skilly Dinthar

    Skilly Dinthar24 days ago

    I know

  87. Thebeez Buzzed

    Thebeez Buzzed24 days ago

    Oh shit I’m late😥

  88. Elizabeth King

    Elizabeth King24 days ago

    I love you guys

  89. Salaelah Feala

    Salaelah Feala24 days ago

    I love the monkey the most. But there still look adorable 🥰

  90. Gamer Codm

    Gamer Codm25 days ago

    Wait are the animals Mateing or am I thinking dirty pls let me know be cause idl

  91. ultramix slash

    ultramix slash25 days ago

    both female and male hyenas have the wobble wobble but the female cant use theres

  92. Dontre Howard

    Dontre Howard25 days ago

    Video sus lmao 😂😂

  93. Sola Awodiya

    Sola Awodiya25 days ago

    You have amazing animals ❤

  94. Treavon Mayes

    Treavon Mayes25 days ago

    It Is a girl

  95. 5k. OT

    5k. OT26 days ago

    I think we all kno what gender it is before we clicked on the video

  96. Don’t worry I have a bomb

    Don’t worry I have a bomb24 days ago

    Well that’s the confusing part because female hyenas has sort of pseudo penises so it can be confusing to tell the difference between a male and a female

  97. Hailey Davan

    Hailey Davan26 days ago

    Dude that’s so ducking gross the thumb nail yuck

  98. Gacha Cake

    Gacha Cake26 days ago

    I loveeeeeeee hyenas my parents think it’s weird but I love them

  99. A1A Adventures

    A1A Adventures26 days ago

    Put some clothes on this *'baby'* hyena lmao

  100. SOKTY Y

    SOKTY Y26 days ago

    Do we have to get him a name

  101. Archie Andrew

    Archie Andrew27 days ago

    USloft: No flashing DEMONETIZE🙅🙅

  102. Daniel Finch

    Daniel Finch27 days ago

    That roach is actually a palmetto bug Roach

  103. Ominus-Eclipse

    Ominus-Eclipse27 days ago

    That hyena has a mighty long shlong

  104. Payton Wiseman

    Payton Wiseman27 days ago

    An the only one who thought he actually meant rhinos instead of the "rhinos" LOL Me: RHINOS CAN'T FIT IN THAT

  105. bee_ gacha

    bee_ gacha27 days ago

    What if there non-binary