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  1. Aaharshi Dey

    Aaharshi Dey22 minutes ago

    So beautifull

  2. Sharry Crystal Anne Sy

    Sharry Crystal Anne Sy53 minutes ago

    I laugh so hard when jacob say omg kino is a little thief 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Elaina Sobiech

    Elaina Sobiech54 minutes ago

    yes get a lion and Tiger

  4. Christine Guevarra

    Christine GuevarraHour ago

    i like he say sakino is a little fif

  5. Den Boii

    Den Boii2 hours ago

    1 little chicken pre car kinda Fuck up that’s not enough food

  6. Melissa Perry

    Melissa Perry6 hours ago

    Jacob I think you are doing great saving like animals in the whole tire world like who would do that a nice person baby

  7. Melisa Osmond

    Melisa Osmond21 hour ago

    ag yes

  8. Fairy dog mother

    Fairy dog motherDay ago

    Everytime you say lions and tigers I want to say "and bears oh my"

  9. diego r

    diego rDay ago


  10. diego r

    diego rDay ago

    Do you like the Pittsburgh Steelers

  11. diego r

    diego rDay ago

    Holy p max?it's awesome😶🐷

  12. diego r

    diego rDay ago

    Can you shut up already

  13. diego r

    diego rDay ago

    😁😀fkgl f X All f Lkz?ux??XL?ful?d?d???d Skills is I'd old psi skill pal as Oh my gosh can you just shut up

  14. Samantha Reidenbach

    Samantha ReidenbachDay ago

    All the cats are beautiful!!! I would love to see more of them.

  15. Danna Diaz

    Danna Diaz2 days ago

    Win Dixie the dog

  16. Abby Espada

    Abby Espada2 days ago

    Get a cheetah🐆 not Jaguar

  17. anthony allan

    anthony allan2 days ago


  18. anthony allan

    anthony allan2 days ago


  19. Hec Grajales

    Hec Grajales2 days ago

    This guy is 550 pounds we gonna feed him guys ‘ introduces little chicken wing 😂 lol

  20. Hec Grajales

    Hec Grajales2 days ago

    1 piece of chicken? Think u need more chicken , like at least 2-3 each. Those cats are big asf

  21. Lashanya Walcott

    Lashanya Walcott2 days ago


  22. Naruto X Ninja

    Naruto X Ninja2 days ago

    Ya I think you should get a Jaguar it would be cool

  23. Nicholas Barton

    Nicholas Barton2 days ago

    Me:ah I see big cats every day My bro:what is it a spider Me:no it’s a snake My bro: seriously :^) Me: :^)

  24. Danielle

    Danielle3 days ago

    I would love to have your job!

  25. ichigo senpai

    ichigo senpai4 days ago

    Yeah you

  26. ichigo senpai

    ichigo senpai4 days ago


  27. Sofia Gutierrez

    Sofia Gutierrez4 days ago


  28. cactus amigos

    cactus amigos4 days ago

    yes do that

  29. Maximo Santillan

    Maximo Santillan5 days ago

    Yep do it

  30. Wendi Fedderson

    Wendi Fedderson5 days ago

    Get a jagwyr

  31. John Raymundo

    John Raymundo5 days ago

    Yes you suddenly bye a jaguar

  32. Adrianna Lopez

    Adrianna Lopez5 days ago

    Oo where going to the zoo today

  33. Helen Williams

    Helen Williams5 days ago

    Fuck ur youtube

  34. 湯俊峰2A

    湯俊峰2A6 days ago

    what is a jaguars???????????

  35. Erick Carolland

    Erick Carolland6 days ago

    Jaguars is hated tiger

  36. Dino Nick

    Dino Nick7 days ago

    For a minute I thought he was gonna say lion tigers and bears but he said lions tigers and jaguar

  37. softxchoco

    softxchoco7 days ago


  38. juan juan

    juan juan7 days ago



    CYAN WOLF8 days ago

    Wait u forgot a panther

  40. bunni 1340

    bunni 13408 days ago

    Iysgkjhbbskjhbksjy/w my,q an Abbasid. AbaYes baby q. Qbwnqjbqnqnq wnwmjknw qnmqmq q qmwmwmjqnwjkn smokes smkqkqln Sknqqjkn was. Q. Wmklqn w w. W w,my,my w w w w w w q s. D Ed. D d w q q. S s. S q w c d d s

  41. Jocelin Pedraza Rojas

    Jocelin Pedraza Rojas8 days ago

    Yes go


    ENRIQUE BRAVO8 days ago

    wow I what to see those tigers

  43. Vidhya Sunil

    Vidhya Sunil9 days ago

    You must get a jaguar

  44. Hala Masri

    Hala Masri9 days ago

    They are so cute i love lions


    LYVIA ANGEL LU Moe9 days ago

    Get a jagua

  46. Zxus

    Zxus9 days ago

    pitbulls arent aggressive sooooooooooooo

  47. G Lowe

    G Lowe9 days ago

    Yes get one or two

  48. Liis Lopsik

    Liis Lopsik10 days ago


  49. LANSIE

    LANSIE10 days ago

    Did cera not get any 🥺

  50. Kimberly Nichols

    Kimberly Nichols10 days ago

    Please get a Jaguar

  51. atchuta moulika

    atchuta moulika11 days ago

    yes you can bring a JAGUARS

  52. Israel Atkinson

    Israel Atkinson11 days ago

    I love the design on Jaguars and when the lions are they were so calm but tigers is bigger then lions after all

  53. 1FT09 Chiu Cheuk Wing

    1FT09 Chiu Cheuk Wing11 days ago

    Lol having a few gfs that‘s just lol lol lol

  54. 1FT09 Chiu Cheuk Wing

    1FT09 Chiu Cheuk Wing11 days ago

    Lol imagine them as humuns and a guy with 3 gfs and watching em fight over chicken

  55. dinosaur world

    dinosaur world11 days ago


  56. Akio

    Akio12 days ago

    why r the tiger and the lions together?:/ aren’t tigers more okay like alone

  57. Ar becooking

    Ar becooking12 days ago

    Just one 1 Chicken each not right

  58. JOAN 88

    JOAN 8812 days ago

    usloft.info/will/aYOZ1qvOa5-1nMg/video Hand feeding 🐢🐢 🐢Nyamnyamnyam😋😋😋

  59. Just CB

    Just CB12 days ago

    Yes you should because you would have protections and those thing that try to kill your igouna and your turtle

  60. Brason Stecik

    Brason Stecik12 days ago

    That’s a liger

  61. Isaiah Munoz

    Isaiah Munoz12 days ago

    Hi Jacob feder, how much money for the Jaguar 🐆

  62. eshay dyls vlogs

    eshay dyls vlogs13 days ago

    Tiger vs lion witch one wins

  63. jcty87

    jcty8714 days ago

    Get a Jaguar

  64. Musa Motin

    Musa Motin14 days ago

    YES YES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Will any of the lion or tiger or jaguars attack jacob if he is in any of those cage


    TIMOTEI IOAN ȘUTEU16 days ago

    Are you a vegan

  67. Dizzy Da Don

    Dizzy Da Don16 days ago


  68. mux modilista event management

    mux modilista event management16 days ago


  69. Geovany 9999

    Geovany 999917 days ago

    Yes jaguar

  70. Papa Baisden

    Papa Baisden18 days ago

    i was getting hungry seeing them lion eat

  71. Jayden Budka

    Jayden Budka18 days ago

    ya, you should.

  72. Nehemiah Gardner

    Nehemiah Gardner18 days ago

    Get A lion The WHite ones and the jaguar and all of the types of tigers same with the lions tip try and get a liger

  73. Brooke Tuccitto

    Brooke Tuccitto18 days ago

    How dare you say pitbull of the cat world pitbulls are nice dogs and I thought you liked animals

  74. Rafael Leal Luna

    Rafael Leal Luna18 days ago

    Yes get one

  75. Chester Cleveland

    Chester Cleveland18 days ago

    that black one is black panther

  76. Dillion Asay

    Dillion Asay18 days ago

    Yes please

  77. Danielle Frazer

    Danielle Frazer19 days ago

    you sould get a black one

  78. Camila Rodriguez

    Camila Rodriguez19 days ago

    Wow wow

  79. dominic ramirez

    dominic ramirez19 days ago

    Cool cat

  80. A Man

    A Man19 days ago

    your lion needs to get more food tbh only one chicken won't they need more meat they need to get 15 to 25 pounds of meat a day

  81. Josh Hunsberger

    Josh Hunsberger19 days ago

    Jaguars are amazing,

  82. Zaynab Latif

    Zaynab Latif19 days ago

    You should get a tiger there my favourite animal

  83. hamza gamimng

    hamza gamimng19 days ago

    razy how dem tigers only get one piece of chicken🤦🏾‍♂️ 133

  84. Mike Lochlear

    Mike Lochlear19 days ago

    Get a grelu

  85. Ava Brampton

    Ava Brampton20 days ago

    why is when he feeds the lions like my dogs at dinner

  86. Hunter Dale

    Hunter Dale20 days ago


  87. Hunter Dale

    Hunter Dale20 days ago

    i love watching your vids bc my favort animals are tiger and its so cute to mach the baby tigers like just crawl on you!

  88. Faze KingII87

    Faze KingII8720 days ago

    Why do they get 1 price each

  89. parminder sandhu

    parminder sandhu20 days ago

    Omg that are so cute 🥰🥰

  90. Mayla_aville 101

    Mayla_aville 10120 days ago

    I just realize the lion has 3 girlfriends:0

  91. Muhammad Mahmod

    Muhammad Mahmod20 days ago

    Me : when I thought lion's are more dangerous than leopard's 👁👄👁💧

  92. Alyssa

    Alyssa20 days ago

    Them animals are like “shut up and feed me” 😂

  93. Alyssa

    Alyssa20 days ago

    Them animals still hungry 😭😭

  94. Shafat Abrar

    Shafat Abrar20 days ago

    I like your video

  95. rony PW

    rony PW20 days ago

    this is a special addition tiger lmfao

  96. Rock out

    Rock out21 day ago


  97. Ephi's animals

    Ephi's animals21 day ago

    Yes you should get a Jaguar

  98. cannoncobra

    cannoncobra21 day ago

    I love your channel can you do a vid just talking about the animals

  99. Lil Kb

    Lil Kb22 days ago


  100. Jessica Jones

    Jessica Jones22 days ago

    Just not a jagwire