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Jacob Feder
Jacob Feder

What's up everyone, I'm Jacob and this is my up and coming channel. Giving you guys a first hand account of all of my animal adventures right here in sunny South Florida!

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  1. Toxic B

    Toxic B19 hours ago

    Save Them and keep them

  2. Jeff Shulins

    Jeff Shulins19 hours ago


  3. Mirabelle Fournier

    Mirabelle Fournier19 hours ago

    I hope they make it to heaven 🙏

  4. Brian Flanagan

    Brian Flanagan19 hours ago


  5. Fiorina Bahar

    Fiorina Bahar19 hours ago


  6. Valeria Yanet

    Valeria Yanet19 hours ago


  7. EWE YI JING Moe

    EWE YI JING Moe19 hours ago

    Why your not wearing bee 🐝 clothes your going to stung you

  8. Ha Nguyen

    Ha Nguyen19 hours ago

    That is so sad.

  9. Janee frank

    Janee frank20 hours ago

    Rip baby 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 they be like 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢

  10. EWE YI JING Moe

    EWE YI JING Moe20 hours ago

    Omg why Jacob voice is so so cute 🥰

  11. Queen Shabazznoi

    Queen Shabazznoi20 hours ago

    so loo

  12. Subha Rojalin

    Subha Rojalin20 hours ago


  13. EWE YI JING Moe

    EWE YI JING Moe20 hours ago

    How you get so brave like how

  14. Ariel Suarez

    Ariel Suarez20 hours ago

    I Love baby turteals but that is sad

  15. Jayden Grove

    Jayden Grove20 hours ago


  16. Shawn Evans

    Shawn Evans20 hours ago

    100,000 Bees


    BARBARA ESPINOSA20 hours ago


  18. Roy Kervi Palanca

    Roy Kervi Palanca20 hours ago

    is a senk

  19. Ayumi playz Roblox!

    Ayumi playz Roblox!20 hours ago

    I love bees because they make honny

  20. Blanca Chacon

    Blanca Chacon20 hours ago

    linus yo

  21. Queen Shabazznoi

    Queen Shabazznoi20 hours ago

    so sad

  22. Ariel Suarez

    Ariel Suarez20 hours ago

    Im sad for bella🥺

  23. ERROR

    ERROR20 hours ago


  24. Emily McCarty

    Emily McCarty20 hours ago

    His name should be peanut

  25. Dieuda Milce

    Dieuda Milce20 hours ago

    Kchfhf was a good night 🌙 was that I................,,,,,,,,bbbv was your birthday and you had to be you at night I was going through a lot but you know what I was doing with my dad Juste is that I was

  26. lubneejibvuag hauvntiajteb

    lubneejibvuag hauvntiajteb20 hours ago


  27. Moe Novo

    Moe Novo20 hours ago


  28. James Williamson

    James Williamson20 hours ago

    Baby turtle we love u :(

  29. James Williamson

    James Williamson20 hours ago

    Noooo :(

  30. Jessica vlogs

    Jessica vlogs20 hours ago

    The part where he was wrapping his tail around Jacobs finger and grabbing on tight to his finger was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  31. Kathryn Marlin

    Kathryn Marlin20 hours ago


  32. Jessica Reto

    Jessica Reto20 hours ago

    G man

  33. Danna Mercedes

    Danna Mercedes20 hours ago


  34. alvina bibi

    alvina bibi20 hours ago

    I'm so sorry for u r lost I bet Bruno was a great dog I wish that u and zena are ok

  35. Katrina Patterson

    Katrina Patterson20 hours ago

    What happened to them are they killed or something something killed them

  36. sara aldergham

    sara aldergham20 hours ago


  37. sara aldergham

    sara aldergham20 hours ago


  38. Sheila Kunz

    Sheila Kunz20 hours ago

    Rosabell for the kitten

  39. Josh Ludtke

    Josh Ludtke20 hours ago


  40. Itz_ Ava116

    Itz_ Ava11620 hours ago


  41. Jessica Espinoza

    Jessica Espinoza20 hours ago


  42. XxHeather Casanova meowxX

    XxHeather Casanova meowxX20 hours ago

    Names: She: maya He: jack

  43. Carole Baumgartner

    Carole Baumgartner21 hour ago

    Wow Jacob you r the best USloft u desert 10000000000000000000000 dollars by USloft keep it up

  44. Jose Cortez

    Jose Cortez21 hour ago

    That is so cute😻

  45. Saffanah Mohammed

    Saffanah Mohammed21 hour ago

    Luckily u could save the little baby

  46. Yaslam Ali

    Yaslam Ali21 hour ago


  47. Nevaeh Detty

    Nevaeh Detty21 hour ago


  48. Sweetlynx eeman

    Sweetlynx eeman21 hour ago

    Keep anymals safe are really good ya know I hold worms before and I put it on my head but I said if it is going to my face someone would take it and she took it

  49. Amber Jacobson

    Amber Jacobson21 hour ago

    Spotted jaguar

  50. Terence Lim Yoong Fook

    Terence Lim Yoong Fook21 hour ago

    so sad D:

  51. Sophia Saenz

    Sophia Saenz21 hour ago

    You should name her hope .

  52. •Nixie Gacha•

    •Nixie Gacha•21 hour ago

    The thumbnail 😭

  53. Sofia Rosales

    Sofia Rosales21 hour ago

    Gril nikool boy max

  54. Sonam Kalpoe

    Sonam Kalpoe21 hour ago

    Omg what that was soo cool why are you guys soo brave like im not brave like you guys but im going too be brave just like you guys you guys are the cooltes ok by

  55. Nansi Lopez

    Nansi Lopez21 hour ago

    Lol he said it looks like candy 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  56. yanet gonzalez

    yanet gonzalez21 hour ago

    There ar soooo cute when i will be big i will av this little cute animal

  57. Rita Jones

    Rita Jones21 hour ago

    Yes you shood .

  58. Sonam Kalpoe

    Sonam Kalpoe21 hour ago

    That was really mean that you kild them why would you doe that can you just realsed like come ok ok by

  59. Amalia Jimenez

    Amalia Jimenez21 hour ago

    The name Doug calls me 😂

  60. VKaye

    VKaye21 hour ago

    You should name her baby pastel

  61. Chloe Song

    Chloe Song21 hour ago

    Thx you are the best

  62. Brittany Duran

    Brittany Duran21 hour ago

    So cute

  63. Thomas May

    Thomas May21 hour ago

    People who like the vid: Want the dog to die. People who dislike: heart broken about the dogs death

  64. juli9850 juli9850

    juli9850 juli985021 hour ago

    not trying to be mean or anything but the blood looks like red sand

  65. Purroo

    Purroo21 hour ago

    Poor raccoon 🦝

  66. julieta rojo

    julieta rojo21 hour ago

    I mean we have to help

  67. Jez Marcelo

    Jez Marcelo21 hour ago

    RIP bruno you are a good dog you are a sweet dog this was the bad day i can't believe that your dog die i love that dog sooooo much he was a good dog and he like bro im crying :( and that dog was the best dog never RIP BRUNO bye bye bruno :(

  68. Guinea-pigs Luna! Paloma! Cookie!

    Guinea-pigs Luna! Paloma! Cookie!21 hour ago

    FUCK YOU🖕🖕🖕

  69. Abigaile Piercey

    Abigaile Piercey21 hour ago

    Lilly how about that one

  70. Mya has Stella

    Mya has Stella21 hour ago


  71. Hortencia Garcia

    Hortencia Garcia21 hour ago


  72. SD - 02NT 883401 SouthFields Village PS

    SD - 02NT 883401 SouthFields Village PS21 hour ago

    ▼ ̄>-―-< ̄▼ Y Y / / ๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑) \ | つ ❤️💖💝💛💚💙💜

  73. SD - 02NT 883401 SouthFields Village PS

    SD - 02NT 883401 SouthFields Village PS21 hour ago

    ⠀ ∧__∧ (`•ω• )づ__∧ (つ /( •ω•。) しーJ (nnノ)It's ok

  74. Carol Vanover

    Carol Vanover21 hour ago


  75. XxHeather Casanova meowxX

    XxHeather Casanova meowxX22 hours ago

    I hope he/she make it :(

  76. Hortencia Garcia

    Hortencia Garcia22 hours ago


  77. Sawyer PreclaroMcBride

    Sawyer PreclaroMcBride22 hours ago

    you should call it cookie

  78. Mike Venne

    Mike Venne22 hours ago